Star Dazzle Concepts: Professional Entertainment for Family & Children’s Events

The thing about kids events is that they’re all about increasing the level of fun and excitement to the highest level in order to keep the kids happy. It may seem easy given that kids are easily entertained by the littlest things, but it could also be a challenge. As easy as it is to amuse them, it’s also easy and fast to bore them. Because of this, you would need to host an event that will be always jam packed with new and exciting activities and other performances. Star Dazzle Concepts is equipped to do just that!

Star Dazzle Concepts aims to provide professional services that bring a wide array of fun to each kids event. They are also open and willing to collaborate with their clients in terms of conceptualizing. This is especially important because the event is yours after all. Their openness is also one of the key reasons behind their success. Check out their services and coverage they’re offering below: 

Star Dazzle Concepts: Services and Coverage

Star Dazzle Concepts

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Birthday Parties

These kids’ events are one of the most important milestones and occasions that every kid should experience at least once in their lifetime. Every year we celebrate the hurdles and memories that have come to pass as well as the future that is seen over the horizon. It’s this important occasion that Star Dazzle Concepts excels in as well. They offer packages in order to make it more convenient for their clients to choose from their range of services as well as for cost efficiency. These packages also don’t just cater to one specific age group especially since not all kids have the same level of entertainment needs. 

Event Management

Aside from taking birthday parties to new heights of entertainment, Star Dazzle Concepts also excel in the management and designing of children and family events. Some of their services under this include the following below: 

  • Event concept design
  • Program planning and execution
  • Event management
  • Performers/Showtime management
  • Logistical management such as sound systems, balloon decor, popcorn/candy floss machines, bouncy inflatables, children’s craft activities, and photographers/videographers to name a few. 

Performers and Talents

Of course, to make these events more exciting and memorable, Star Dazzle Concepts also has a variety of performers and talents. Some of the carnival and even talents are as follows below: 

  • Balloon Sculpturing 
  • Creative Sand Art
  • Creative Bead ARt
  • Baked Paint Art
  • Customized Badge/Key-chains Making Services
  • Games
  • Children’s Coloring Contest
  • Children’s Handicraft Contest
  • Magicians
  • Clowns/Jesters
  • Jugglers
  • Fire-eaters
  • Unicyclists
  • Face Painting
  • Human/Living Statue
  • Caricature Artists
  • Popcorn/Cotton Candy
  • Emcees
  • Lion Dance/Dragon Dance
  • Stilt Walkers

General Information 

Star Dazzle Concepts

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Contact Details

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Best Feature of Star Dazzle Concepts

Star Dazzle Concepts

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When you think of kids events, you can also imagine wacky and crazily imaginative and amazing acts and talents in there. These carnival performances adds to the charm and specialties of Star Dazzle Concepts that renders them one of the best kids event companies in Singapore you can go to for your next family event. They’re known for such  acts and talents especially that they are the one and only agent for the shows of Edmund Khong, who is a professional performer that has studied the art of clowning in the United States. These shows are Captain Dazzle – Children’s Magic Show with live rabbit appearance, Showtime with Bubbles the Magic Clown, and Captain Dazzle’s Comedy Juggling and Giant Balloon Act. 

Why We Love Star Dazzle Concepts

Star Dazzle Concepts

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One can see through their works and successful events that Star Dazzle Concepts continues to achieve their mission and vision with every client. They are a team of professionals with diverse talents committed to provide their clients high quality value that are worth their time and money. They aim to be the leading kids entertainment company and performance arts, which is completely possible to happen given the range of their success.