Everything you need for background screening, Smart Screen Asia provides! 

Smart Screen Asia: Your Screening Partner

Whether you’re just starting out as a company or one that has already gained tenure over the years, employee screening still proves to be a challenge. There are many elements to oversee in terms of both pre and post-employment screening. In the business aspect, one would also have to take into account the kind of industry they’re in, the market they’re targeting, and the quality of their products; Not to mention the land itself that you want to inhabit.

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Smart Screen Asia provides services that will help you and your organization foster healthily from the inside. Their approach involves a deep understanding and openness in tackling every client. They acknowledge that each organization has its own culture and, therefore, issues that they need to resolve in a similarly customized approach. 

Smart Screen Asia: Services and Coverage

Smart Screen Asia

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Smart Screen Asia offers a broad range of services that tackles everything you need for employee screening. Listed below are the types of checks available in Singapore: 

  • Education Background Check refers to the verification of the information that potential employees say they are and have. This prevents false information on the qualification obtained and inauthentic degree or certificates submitted by the candidate
  • Employment Background Verification verifies the work experiences that the candidate states they have. 
  • Reference Check oversees the related performance and skill of the candidate.
  • Professional Membership/Professional Qualification Verification verifies the information provided by the candidate that may be used just to strengthen their application.
  • Identity Validation is used to verify if the candidate is who they say they are, especially in terms of government IDs and other official papers. 
  • Civil Litigation verifies the soundness of the candidate through conducting with a database compiling civil litigation records.
  • Bankruptcy Verification is done to verify if the candidate has ever been bankrupt.
  • Media Search is used to check if the candidate has adverse reports and a lousy reputation in local media.
  • Business Interest/Directorship verifies if the candidate has directorship with any company. 
  • Global Integrity Check is a search which provides quick validation of an individual who is in the Enforcement, Sanctions, Politically Exposed People, and Adverse media listing, from more than 1,200 data sources across 130+ countries.

Branches in other countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, also offer other services that go more in-depth into the field of business:

  • Know Your Customer and Vendor Verification is a service that ensures that all companies are aware of who they are doing business with. 
  • Tenant Verification tackles the problems that businesses deal with as well. Problems in tenants include default on rents, damages to the property, and many other issues. This service allows the owner to be perfectly aware of the people renting their property through proper verification and background checks. 

General Information

Smart Screen Asia

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Malaysia (HQ)

8-8-8 Menara Mutiara Bangsar, Jalan Liku Off Jalan Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact Details
Call +603 2288 1402 0r +6012 375 0530
Email info@smartscreenasia.com


152 Chartered Square Building, 30th Floor, Room 30-1, Unit 3039, North Sathorn Rd. Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Contact Details
Call +66 2021 0485
Email info@smartscreenasia.com


Hanoi Tower, 13th Floor, 49 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Contact Details
Call +603 2288 1402
Email info@smartscreenasia.com

Best Feature of Smart Screen Asia

Smart Screen Asia

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Every organization and team, no matter how big or small has its own dynamics and overall work culture. It depends on many factors that may or may not be controllable. However, this does not deter the quality of Smart Screen Asia’s global reach of its services. They recognize this fact about companies and take that as a healthy challenge. With no hesitance and drawbacks, Smart Screen Asia and their willingness for an open and deep understanding of their clients render them a highly competent background screening company to rely on. 

Why We Love Smart Screen Asia

Smart Screen Asia

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Smart Screen Asia goes beyond employee screening and ventures out into other fields such as Tenant Verification as well as Customer and Vendor Verification along with Pre and Post Employment Screening. The range of their background checks services does compromise the quality of their services– they’re a jack of all trades, but definitely not a master of none. They excel in every aspect of their services and fulfil the quality they promise to every client. 

What do you think of Smart Screen Asia and their services? Have you worked with them? Let us know in the comments section!