Whether you’re a tourist who wants to experience the classic side of Singapore or a resident who just needs a breather from all the modernity of this amazing city – maybe you just need a refreshing place to be. The Singapore River Cruise could just be the opportunity you have been waiting for.

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If you are a tourist, it would be a fantastic experience for you. You do not only get to see Singapore like every other local, but you also get to experience Singapore like one of the locals. 

Being a local re-visiting Singapore River Cruise, it could be like going back to your younger days. It would definitely be the experience you would want your children to experience as you have.

What was your favourite part of the Singapore River Cruise when you were younger?

Singapore River Cruise

Image From Singapore River Cruise

Activities at Singapore River Cruise

The Singapore River Cruise is the amazing ‘Tale of 2 Quays’. And the whole river experience includes passing by Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion Park everyone knows so well of. The trip covers the areas Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Marina Bay, and it’s like a beautiful cruise that just sweeps you right at the side of Singapore’s beautiful skyline.

There are at least four services offered at the Singapore River Cruise – the river cruise, riding the jetties, a boat charter and the river taxis. For the tours of the river cruise, the information on the history of its humble beginnings and its trips are presented on a screen and in English.

Singapore River Cruise

Image From Singapore River Cruise

Singapore River Cruise General Information

Riverside Point – 30 Merchant Road, Singapore 058282

Contact Number:



Service Hours:
Everyday 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Adult S$25.00
Child S$15.00 (Children from 3-12 years old)

Social Media:

Singapore River Cruise Best Features

You get a view of Singapore from an entirely different perspective because of the routes you take. It is one of the best spots for a tourist who’s just arrived in Singapore for the first time. Aside from the perks of trying out the Singapore River Cruise, they have services that would definitely benefit everyone – the river cruise, jetties, river taxis and the boat charter of the Singapore River Cruise.

Singapore River Cruise

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Singapore River Cruise

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Why We Love Singapore River Cruise

In general cases, cruising the rivers, roads and streets of cities are a way of remembering or learning about a place. In a tourist’s point of view, it would be a doorway to the history and culture of a place.

The Singapore River Cruise is an excellent way of blending in with the locals and learning about their lives through their history.

Public Advisory: Due to the virus outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus 2019, the light and water show at the Singapore River Cruise is temporarily suspended until further notice. This is to ensure the health and safety of everyone in Singapore. When the situation is well, may we see the beauty of the light and water show again.

What’s your favourite attraction in Singapore and why? Tell us your thoughts about the place!