Singapore Expats Classifieds

There is a large community of expatriates in Singapore. Because they are adjusting to a new country, they have needs that are unique to their situation. It is very helpful to have online services which cater specifically to the expatriate community. This is why we have Singapore Expats Classifieds. The goal is to provide a one-stop solution to the expatriate community’s needs.

What services do Singapore Expats Classified provide?

expats classifieds
One of the main functions to provide a free classified platform for the expatriate community. However, you don’t have to be an expatriate to use this platform. Anyone who is willing to register for a free account can buy or sell on Expats. Singapore Expats Classifieds also provide a forum for discussion of many topics that would interest expatriates and others. A few of the topics included are Careers & Jobs in Singapore; Events, Gatherings, Making Friends; Relocating, Moving to Singapore.

Another service Singapore Expats Classifieds provide is property listing. This service can help you find a place to live, or you can find buyers or renters for property that you own. Online dating is very popular today, and so we have also included that among our services.

Singapore Expats Classifieds

How do you register for an account with Singapore Expats?

On the website, you would click the login link, choosing which platform you are applying for. On the resultant page, you will find a link to sign up for an account. Each account signup is a little different. We will walk you through the classifieds signup.

Once you are into the classifieds login portal, you will find the Register an Account link below the login tab. You must then read and signs the terms agreement. Fill out the form provided. You will need to choose a username and password and provide an email address. Once you have submitted the form, you will then receive a confirmation email. By following the instructions in this email, your account registration will be complete.

How do you advertise with Singapore Expats Classifieds?

On the Singapore Classifieds page, you will see a yellow bar with several links. Click on the Place an Ad link. From there you can provide your login information or log in via Facebook if you haven’t already logged in. You will then be taken through 3 steps.

  • Step one: Choose the type of ad. These include For Sale, For Rent, Wanted, Services Offered, Jobs Available, and Jobs Wanted
  • Step two: Choose the category. Each type of ad has several categories you can choose from, except for Jobs Wanted, which only has one category.
  • Step three: Fill in the information on your ad. For instance, you will need a title, asking price, and description of the item. You can download up to 5 pictures for your ad for free. Contact information in the form of a mobile number is also needed.

What is unique about Singapore Expats website?

Singapore Expats Classifieds have a physical office in the Central Business District. Here you can contact a real person if you have questions or concerns. We run on a dedicated server, which means we don’t share with any other businesses. This is necessary to keep our platform moving smoothly and speedily. This is important as we have a very high volume of visitors. We also have more than just classifieds to offer. This includes dating, forum, and others. Also, our database of property listings is very large and includes many pictures.