The Singapore Cable Car is the most sought after transportation from Singapore to Sentosa Island and back again by both residents and tourists. It was first opened to the public in 1974, and it has then served as transportation from Mount Faber to Singapore then to the island.

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In 2010, the Singapore Cable Car went through some significant makeovers and now offers better facilities for guests. They do not only provide just the best scenic views in front of you, but they also provide perks such as ventilation and dining experiences for you and your loved one.

Singapore Cable Car

Image From One Faber Group

Activities On The Singapore Cable Car

  • Cable Car Sky Pass

The regular ride of the Singapore Cable Car gives you a view of Singapore in a bigger picture like you have never imagined. You can see the beautiful view of the harbour right behind your view of Sentosa Island. On the sides, you see the bustling life in Singapore, everyone moving through the day in their own paces. It’s an enlightening experience while it lasts – seeing how everything seems so small from way up inside the cable car.

  • Evening Rider

The Evening Ride is getting the chance to witness Singapore covered by the night sky, and with the lights that fill up below. It’s like looking at a side of Singapore you have never seen before – you can see light shows and skylines play with reflections as you move from point to point.

  • Dining Experience

Are you planning to take your loved one out on a rare date they will never forget? You can try the dining experience in the Stardust Cabin. This could be the perfect dinner date you and your loved one are looking for – a 4-course meal, the beautiful night sky, the breath-taking view… doesn’t it make you just want to marry your lover?

Singapore Cable Car General Information

HarbourFront Tower, Harbourfront PI, Level 1 2 3, Singapore 099254

Contact Number:



Service Hours:
10:30 AM – 7:00 PM

Cable Car Sky Pass
Adult S$35.00
Cable Car Sky Pass (Residents)
Adult S$29.50
Children S$21.00

Social Media:
Instagram / Facebook

Singapore Cable Car Best Feature

Besides the fact that it is a very convenient and quick way of going to Sentosa Island, it gives you a view of Singapore you will never find anywhere else in Singapore.

You are not fixed on one location, and one view of Singapore stretched across the horizon, but you are moving at an average pace with the view of Singapore to your disposal – at every angle possible.

Singapore Cable Car

Image From Google Reviews

Singapore Cable Car

Image From Google Reviews

Why We Love The Singapore Cable Car

You get a pretty moving solid view of Singapore from high up. When approaching Sentosa Island, you also get the magnificent view of Singapore wonderland, just stretched out in front of you. The Singapore cable car does not only give you the skyline of The Lion City, and it gives you a full view of 360 degrees.

How was your experience with the Singapore Cable Car? Was it as mesmerizing as ours? Let us know!