The Sing See Soon Florists

Sing See Soon is a known florist in Singapore. They have been rendering their services since the year 1879, and they are always being recommended by clients that have been loyal to them for years. Their services has always captivated their clients and customers to continue requiring their services, thanks to their outstanding creations.

The Sing See Soon are not only florists, but they are amazing landscape designers as well. The family-owned business run their business built on the values of love. They believe that in order to deliver both amazing products and services, everything has to be nurtured with love.

Sing See Soon

Address: 32 Punggol E, Singapore 828824
Contact Number: +65-6285-2777

Sing See Soon

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Sing See Soon Best Feature

The best thing about Sing See Soon is that they are very efficient and punctual with the services they render. They know how important it is for their clients to have their bouquet and needed services served as soon as possible. They understand how important giving flowers are – may they be as gifts or a ‘thank you’, or an arrangement for important occasions.

They also know how to please their clients, because they deliver exactly what they would want. They do arrangements for anniversaries and weddings as well – and they do quite a job well done!

What Improvements Are Needed With Sing See Soon

There are quite a couple of things that needs improvement with Sing See Soon.

Some of the staff at the front desk were pretty rude. While we all may not know what people go through personally, business is still business – and clients are still clients. Some of the clients are not always going to be understanding of ill manners and zero customer service.

Another improvement Sing See Soon would need is how they communicate with their clients. It would be good to know when the order is being prepared or when the flowers will be delivered. Communication would come in handiest when their delivery will be late – regardless of the reason behind it. It’s good to let the client know, than having them wait into wee hours what is taking the delivery too long. When it comes to arranging flowers, it helps that Sing See Soon also communicates when certain flowers are not available – which leads us to our other concerns.

Since Sing See Soon has been around for a while and they have been rendering services for many people in Singapore, it would be amazing to expect that they have a wider variety of flowers. This is not only for event arrangements, but it also applies to bouquet options. It is just right to expect that people would look beyond 4 or 5 options.

Sing See Soon

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Protip to Sing See Soon Clients:

The only advice to be given is you can tell Sing See Soon if you can be informed ahead of time if the delivery will be late. If not, when the delivery is in pursuit and there are some challenges along the way, ask that you also be informed as their client. This is to avoid any upsetting reviews and ratings with their services.

Sing See Soon

Image From Sing See Soon, Google Reviews

Sing See Soon

Image From Sing See Soon, Google Reviews

Sing See Soon Service Hours:

8.00 AM – 8.00 PM

Sing See Soon Social Media:

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