The Floral Garage Society

Floral Garage is a florist and flower delivery service provider in Singapore that aims to do so much as to give back to the society. They believe that it is important to make people feel special, even if they do not hold any significant role in your life.

With this in mind, Floral Garage promotes and encourages collaborations to deliver services that help approach everyone in the community. These collaborations have been “eye-opening” and “enriching” for Floral Garage, inspiring them to strive to be one of the best florists in Singapore.

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When the Floral Garage gives back to society, they host workshops and fundraisers to help the community in every way they can. In recent happenings, they have hosted workshops for mothers and people in the less fortunate community to learn and enhance their skills when it comes to flower designing and arrangements for various occasions.

In other collaborations, the Floral Garage has raised fundraisers for animal shelters, improving the system for the animals who will be adopted by new families.

Floral Garage finds better and better ways to improve the services and products for Singaporean clients. Through the testimonials and feedbacks the clients give back to them, they make sure they learn from them in the best way they can.

Floral Garage

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Floral Garage

Address: 756 Upper Serangoon Road, #03-34, Singapore 534626
Contact Number: +65-6282-2813

Floral Garage Best Feature

The best thing about Floral Garage is that they open their arrangements to new ideas and designs. In their quest to be one of the top florists in Singapore, they make sure they give their best ideas forward for their clients. The best thing about this strategy is that they also get to share their skills and talents with others through workshops and classes.

Not only do they show their best, but Floral Garage also pushes their advocacy forward – help society rise above their current state in the economy. The classes and workshops start by teaching the basics of creating flower arrangement – all the way to spontaneously creating your own arrangement.

Floral Garage

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What Improvements Are Needed With Floral Garage

Floral Garage needs to clarify and confirm customized orders from the clients, and not go freestyle on the arrangements that the client wants. While florists with Floral Garage have different stylish preferences, the client would still prefer their own vision in it. When there are clients that would like a freestyle order on their flower arrangement, ask them for a general idea of what they would like from the arrangement – like a color palette, flower specifications available in the collection or whatnot.

Protip to Floral Garage Clients:

When ordering your flower arrangement from Floral Garage, it is best to make sure you disclose a little bit of the idea to the florist for freestyle bouquets. This is to give your florist the idea of what is inspiring you when you envision the bouquet.

Floral Garage

Image From Floral Garage, Google Reviews

Image From Floral Garage, Google Reviews

Floral Garage Service Hours:

Monday to Friday 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Saturday 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Sunday 10.00 – 1.00 PM

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