The Rainforest Lumina Review

The Rainforest Lumina is a night experience that gives you a glimpse of the beauty in the dark forest coming to life. It’s an enchanting experience for everyone who loves nature in all forms that give life to the night.

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Discover the animals and the life of the rainforest in this magical experience, becoming one with the creations of the night. Instill unity and discover the virtues that make you a human, while wandering in the beauty that the experience will bring you to learn more and appreciate more.

Be part of the majestic journey of this multisensory momentum and meet your creature crew! If you are not sure of your creature crew, Rainforest Lumina has a quiz for everyone who would like to know who their spirit animal is.

Each creature crew has a virtue or a specific characteristic that makes them unique to every individual. There’s courage for the white tiger. There’s the flying fox for generosity. There’s is also the Otter with playfulness and many more creature crews to discover.

Rainforest Lumina review

Image From Rainforest Lumina Review

Rainforest Lumina Visitor Information

The Rainforest Lumina is most famous for the interactive virtual animals that will illuminate one of the best experiences of your life. Once you step in the area of wonder, you will witness more than 10 multisensory animals and their zones and roam with them.

Make sure you explore all the animal zones, and do not miss out on the amazing lights that will lighten your pathway. Experience the treetops and the water virtual creatures – and let the luminous pathways give you brighter taste of perspectives as you explore and learn.

Operating Hours
Rainforest Lumina:
7.30 PM to 12.00 AM
Ticketing Counter:
7.30 PM to 11.00 PM

What to Do at the Rainforest Lumina

There are numerous things that you should not miss out on doing at the Rainforest Lumina. You might not even have enough time to explore and enjoy every single one of them. The good thing, though, is that you won’t need to worry about the scorching hot sun because the Rainforest Lumina is best at night – and, is operational in the evening.

Rainforest Lumina review

Image From Rainforest Lumina Review

Here are the 3 things you should add to your list of things not to miss at the Rainforest Lumina;

  1. Don’t miss the unique lightings of each zone in the Rainforest Lumina. They have different designs and color schemes for each zone. It is important to take in all that beauty once you’ve entered the rainforest!
  2. The interactive virtual animals are the best things about the rainforest – also how they can virtually interact with their guests. They come in special characteristics that you may find very relatable to when you’ve found your creature crew.
  3. There are fun zones that offer you the experience to play and be part of the virtual animal kingdom. By the zone, “Play Like An Animal” on the map, you can find games you can participate to bond with your friends, family and creature crew.
Rainforest Lumina review

Image From Rainforest Lumina Review

How to Get to the Rainforest Lumina

Plan your trip to the Rainforest Lumina here.

80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826


Adults S$16.20/person
Children S$12.60/child
Senior Citizen S$12.60
Students S$12.60
Adults S$18.00/person
Children S$14.00/child
Senior Citizen S$14.00
Students S$14.00

Rainforest Lumina review

Image From Rainforest Lumina Review