S&E Plumbing is a plumbing service provider that serves clients from all over Singapore since 2003. Their plumbing services come in a wide range of choices and services for clients. 

S&E Plumbing has a team of professional plumbers; all experiences, licensed and best at what they do. They also have a wide range of plumbing offers from unclogging clogged toilets to installation and repair, whichever will help provide the best solutions for clients in everyday living.

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The services offered by S&E Plumbing are:

  • HDB Plumbing
    … This service is provided given there is a plan for the whole water and piping system of an entire home or establishment. It is important to assure the proper function of the water system, and the cleanliness and effectivity of the flow as well.
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    SE provides the cleaning and maintenance of the water and piping system, assuring the quality of the flow; the sanitation of the water, the state of the pipes and water gutters and whatnot.
  • Installation
    Installation services are implemented to help homeowners, or owners in general, to install certain needs in the home or establishment. This may include new toilets and showers, or a new sink in the home. If it includes new ways for running water and the whole flow system, this is the services you will need.
  • Replacements
    Replacements are always inevitable. Age and degrading materials could be a reason you may need new pipes, gutters or a new toilet bowl. Plumbing services usually work with this including repairs.
  • Repairs
    Repairs are similar to replacement work. Except that in repairs, the product is still qualified to work well in the system. It could be that the concrete cement in the toilet or the pipe work needs new refurbishing or in a more relatable term – repair.
  • Clogged and Blocked Repairs and Renovations
    These services are one of the most common concerns of clients. When the toilet or bath floor is flooding too frequently or something is stuck in the drainage, plumbing services are needed to help unclog and clean the stuck pipes or drainages.
  • Leaks and Leak Detections
    Leaks and leak detections are important and most expectedly done by professionals because it is more than just removing the lead of the drain and taking out what is stuck in the pipe. It would need removing parts of concrete holding the pipes together and repairing them afterwards.
  • Water Heater Installation
    It is not as simple as it looks. Water Heater Installation includes opening a pipe and connecting the water heater to the water system of a certain part of the home. Professionals are better at handling these jobs because they know how the system works, and they know which pipe to touch.

se plumbing

Image From SE Plumbing

You can contact them with the number below:

S&E Plumbing
Contact Number: 96626858
Email: se_plumbing@yahoo.com.sg
Website: https://seplumbing.com.sg

S&E Plumbing’s Best Feature

The best thing about SE Plumbing is that they are very flexible with their services. You can always count on them any time of the day. 

Having access to plumbing services at a 24/7-clock is very convenient, especially for midnight emergencies. While we may think it’s easy to do repairs ourselves, it’s not. You need tools, knowledge and labor to work through the emergency, and that is just why SE Plumbing comes in handy the most. They can get the job done!

What Improvements Are Needed with SE Plumbing?

…were the surprise charges, and the additional fees. They were not indicated in the inquiry or the quotation that was asked. It could have been a lapse on the clients’ part, but as the plumbing service provider, it would have been really appreciated if they set the expectations before the services were rendered.

It’s basic customer service, and it’s also a great way of keeping the client on your side. This notion may be understood by the client as overcharging or having hidden charges, and may repel the client to never need their services again.

As a client, it would also be a good idea if you are clear with them, in detail, what you will require of their services, so it can properly be quoted.

Pro Tip to Clients:

Make sure you give them a call and ask for a quotation; give them the full detail of what you need fixed, and what your expectations are. Also make sure you ask them what are the possible additional charges you may face, to make sure you do not get surprised if they charge you extra fees once the work is done.

It is also best to make sure you ask for a receipt. This will give you a better overview of what you paid for.

If you do have concerns, send them an email or give them a quick call and talk to the manager or whoever the matter must be addressed to.

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