Family Plumber Singapore

Family Plumber Singapore has been providing plumbing services since the year 1988. Slowly, they have achieved the reputation of having PUB licensed plumbers to carry out the services for plumbing needs.

The Services of Family Plumber Singapore

General Plumbing Services range from S$20.00 to S$250.00, depending on the required job to be done. You can get a S$20.00 replacement job done, or a clear clogged chokage for a raging S$250.00. There are other services such as repair and installation.

Water Leakage Detection are services for leaks, holes and broken or cracked materials causing water to escape and overflow anywhere under the ground or any area of the house. These services may cost around S$120.00 to S$500.00. Take note that they may charge you for transport fees, but it may only take you around S$10.00.

Replacement Work usually includes the work for installments and replacements and you also acquire the parts from the plumbing service provider. It could take around S$150.00 to S$250.00 depending on the needed parts of the repair, replacement or replacement job.

Family Plumber Singapore

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Family Plumber Singapore
Contact Number: +65-8126-2163

Family Plumber Singapore: The Best Feature

The best thing about Family Plumber Singapore is that they provide plumbing services for anywhere in Singapore. Yes, they may come with a fee for transportation, but they will be ready at your beck and call whenever you need them, as they provide services around the clock.

What Improvements Are Needed With Family Plumber Singapore?

They have to learn how to ask for feedback from their clients, as it will help the audience to learn more about their services and methods to rendering the services. A review by someone on Google also stated that they paid S$50 for a service they didn’t get, and the plumber was doing something on his phone the whole time.

Family Plumber Singapore

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Pro Tip to Clients:

If you specifically know a plumber from Family Plumber Singapore, or someone comes in highly recommended, you can request for them if you would like to get promising results.

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