Partymojo: More Joy, One Mojo

There are so many celebrations and events that kids go through in their youth from several birthday parties to school events and holidays. If you remember your own childhood, or if you’re a parent with a young child, you would know how much it takes to organize such events. 

You would see the venue designed and littered with a variety of bright colors, decorations, food stalls, activity booths, and a lot more. These elements in a kids’ event are usually overlooked. Fortunately, there are kids events companies in Singapore that cater to such needs – Partymojo is one of them. 

Partymojo was founded in 2014 and as the years and many successful events pass, they have been hailed as Singapore’s leading kids events company. While kids’ events are playful, chaotic, and just generally going everywhere, Partymojo remains professional while still keeping the fun in their services. They abide by what they call the Mojo Formula, which is a principle that basically pertains to turning every kids event into a fantastic and unique experience for everyone. 

Partymojo: Services and Coverage


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Partymojo is equipped with the latest technology together with its creative approach, all of which make for a magical kids’ event experience. Listed below are their services and coverage that you can avail of for your kids’ event needs. 

Kids Packages

Partymojo offers packages that include a set of activities and features that you may deem necessary for the kids’ event that you’re conceptualizing. They offer a broad range of packages from promotional materials to decoration. Check out the list below for the packages: 

  • Promotional Packages
  • Art and Craft Packages
  • Magic Show Packages
  • Themed Party Packages
  • Decoration Packages
  • Baby Shower and Toddler

Food and Rental

Of course, you can’t miss out on the food at any kids’ event. You would need snacks, finger food, desserts, and even full-on meals. Another element that you can’t overlook is the features and activities that the kids can play and participate in. 

  • Popcorn / Candy Floss Rental
  • Bouncy Castle / Inflatables
  • Ice Cream Cart Rental
  • Food Catering
  • Pre Packed Popcorn
  • Dessert Table Packages


Partymojo’s kids’ event services also extend to other more creative activities such as those listed below. 

  • Photo Booth Packages
  • Party / Event Decoration
  • Premium Balloon Sculpting 
  • Professional Face Painting
  • Airbrush / Glitter Tattoo
  • Professional Henna Artist

General Information


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2 Jurong East, Street 21 IMM Building, #04,33V, Singapore 609601

Contact Details
Call 6569 6992 / 6569 6998 / 8160 6622 / 8160 6655
Email / for Corporate Events and Kids Parties
Email / for Recruitments and Talents
Email for Partnership Enquiries

Best Feature of Partymojo


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Partymojo offers a full range of services that you can avail of for every kids event. Not only do they excel in the quantity of these amenities and features, but they also offer quality and creativity that you will see in the diversity of their services. This broad range of services does not hinder their quality, which makes them one of the best kids event companies in Singapore. 

Why We Love Partymojo


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If you really think about it, there are so many elements and aspects that need to be taken into account for a kids’ event to be truly successfully memorable experience for everyone. Fortunately, there are kids event companies in Singapore that cater to those needs. 

Partymojo is one of the best ones you can find and it’s for many reasons, and one of which is not only their complete range of kids event services but also their passion and dedication in their approach to their craft. This manifests in how they do work, which is a quality kids’ event experience that will definitely stick with them for a long time.