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Mercury Marketing went from a PR and events company to an agency with core competencies that enables them to  provide all-around services concerning everything about marketing and event management. They are an event management company founded way back in 2011 and still continues to grow into a team striving for innovative marketing and event solutions. 

Mercury Marketing’s specialisation lies in the field of luxury, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. For instance, Singapore Fashion Week (SGFW) is a high-profile fashion event organised by Mercury Marketing and Communications. SGFW aims to showcase world-class collections created by emerging designers and labels. It is the only fashion week in the world that features both established and emerging regional and homegrown creatives together with the world’s most notable designers. 

Their reach also includes a wide range of industries such as automobiles, hospitality, and electronics. Their goal of putting clients in the marketplace is achieved through a complete and competent team of marketing and PR professionals with one goal in mind. From conceptualisation to execution, Mercury Marketing handles every aspect of event management there is. 

Mercury Marketing: Services and Coverage

Events and Brand Experiences

Mercury Marketing

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Mercury Marketing takes an approach in event management that opens up more avenues for their clients to push their company forward in both the physical and emotional sense. Their deep understanding of the crucial role of branding, its narrative, and how these touch the lives of their audience renders them a competent event management company. Whether you’re a first-timer in an event, or you’ve been to countless ones of different natures, Mercury Marketing is equipped with the right talents that allows them to create consistently unique experiences that will definitely catch your attention. 

  • Store & Product Launches
  • Private Parties
  • Corporate Entertainment
  • Live Events
  • Press Events
  • Conferences

Media and Event Management

Mercury Marketing

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Mercury Marketing also offers services for your marketing campaign needs. Their team will collaborate with you to come up with the best strategy along with other key players in the market. Although they are competent enough, Mercury Marketing doesn’t just stay in the confines of their team. They also connect with the right networks of people in order to put the brand of their client into the spotlight both in the digital and social sphere. 

  • Media Management
  • Strategic Event Marketing
  • Events Concepts & Technical Production

Integrated Services: 

Mercury Marketing

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  • PR Campaigns
  • Media and Event Management 
  • Influencers Outreach and Guest Invitation
  • Digital Engagement

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Best Feature of Mercury Marketing

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Their understanding and mastery of branding and marketing in general established their reputation as an effective event management company in Singapore. When you think about events, one would expect catering, emcees, and others. While that is part of the process, Mercury Marketing also incorporates marketing consultancy services in order to enhance the event experience and brand awareness of their clients. 

Why We Love Mercury Marketing

Mercury Marketing

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Mercury Marketing has proven themselves to be one of the best event management companies in Singapore. Although they have a specialisation, they never fail to perform spectacularly in a broad range of fields and industries they are exposed to. They manage to achieve such success through the understanding of what makes an event successful and effective. They go into every detail of the important elements of event management – conceptualization, marketing, execution, and consistency.