KidZania Singapore is one of the most promising attractions for kids in Singapore. They do not only bring fun and joy to children and the entire family, but they are also in for education that explores the talents, skills and passion of the children that walk through the door.

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One of the most important keys in visiting KidZania Singapore is to give a chance to the kids to choose their favourite part of the whole place because they will witness plenty of opportunities to explore what piques their interest. In the best way possible, they just may find plenty of hobbies to explore even when it’s time to go home.

The best gift that KidZania Singapore can give the kids is the taste of life – role-playing of sorts, where the professions and careers that could be your child’s potential are explored and lived in the few moments they are at KidZania Singapore. It is a great way of showing the kids what they could be in the future, giving them a glimpse of their potential and talents when the time comes for them to grow up and be adults as well.

KidZania Singapore

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Activities at KidZania Singapore

Let’s see what activities the kids can be enjoying at KidZania Singapore because there will be plenty!

Arts Academy

Is your child an artist in the making? They could be potential performers for Broadway for all we know! This is why it is important to let your child roam free at KidZania Singapore since it will definitely help them in building their talents and learning new skills to grow up to be the best they can be.

Film Studio

Many famous filmmakers are not only passionate about their art but the journey of creating such art. Every personality has a unique way of presenting such work, and that is why this would be one of the best choices for the kids who are passionate about icons in the film industry or the influencers.

Aviation Academy

We all know how difficult it is to be a pilot – even a cabin crew! But, what else can we do when the kids show eagerness to learn such a profession? We support them, as their parents and their number one fans! May their love for the aviation industry start here at KidZania Singapore.

CSI (Crime Scene Investigator)

Being an investigator is probably one of the most exciting jobs – and, one of the most challenging and risky careers to choose. But, what if your child would be the real-life Sherlock Holmes or Edogawa Conan? Time to test their skills here!

KidZania Singapore

Image From KidZania Singapore

KidZania Singapore General Information

Palawan Kidz City – 31 Beach View, #01-01/02, Singapore 098008

Contact Number:



Service Hours:
Thursday – Tuesday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday, CLOSED

Social Media:
Facebook / Instagram


KidZania Singapore

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KidZania Singapore

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KidZania Singapore Best Feature

KidZania Singapore really did look forward to entertaining the kids and helping them learn. You can see their vision on how the children would learn and enjoy while exploring the many professions and careers that can be role-played at KidZania Singapore. 

The best thing about the entire place is there are not just three or five activities. The children can explore more than what they know to do. And this allows the children to learn about other passions and interests as well.

Why We Love KidZania Singapore

The best thing about KidZania Singapore for us is they host plenty of activities that do not only cater to the common professions but also the professions that could really help the community, the country and even the entire world. It’s almost like KidZania Singapore anticipated that the generations to come will always run the world for the betterment of the world itself and the people inhabiting it.

What do you think your child will love the most about KidZania Singapore?