The Gardens by The Bay is a cultivated and well-managed mega garden that is home to many attractions loved by the citizens of Singapore. The park was opened in 2012, holds 101 hectares and is located alongside the Marina Reservoir.

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The Gardens are then divided into three main areas – the Bay Central Garden, the Bay East Garden and the Bay South Garden. 

Activities at Gardens by The Bay

  • Floral Fantasy

The Floral Fantasy is an attraction with different garden landscapes and a 4D ride you can try if you prefer. There are various flower arrangements and organizations that are genuinely fantastical and wonderful for the visitors to see. The 4D ride is the Flight of the Dragonfly that seats up to four guests.

  • Flower Dome

The Flower Dome is a massive greenhouse that is home to the flora under controlled and regulated temperatures. This is because the plants in the dome are exotically collected from 5 individual continents, and require a cool and dry climate.

  • Supertree Grove

The Supertree Grove is the part of the Gardens by The Bay where you see those tall, towering trees are human-made, but well-managed and maintained. They are homes to different plants that are considered a garden in their own aspects. It is one of the most visited attractions at the Gardens by The Bay.

  • Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest is another often visited attraction at the Garden by The Bay that homes tropical highlands indoors. It’s similar to the Flower Dome, where the indoor temperature is also regulated to adequately cater to the needs of the orchids, ferns and carnivorous pitcher plants. One of the best features at this attraction is the 30-meter waterfall indoors!

Gardens by The Bay

Image From Gardens by The Bay

Gardens by The Bay General Information

18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953

Contact Number:



Service Hours:
Outdoor Gardens 5:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Conservatories 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Regular Price (includes 2 conservatories, Floral Fantasy & Shuttle Service)
Adult S$46.00
Child S$25.00
Singapore Residents (includes 1 conservatory, Floral Fantasy & Shuttle Service)
Adult S$ 24.00
Children & Senior Citizen S$16.00
Singapore Residents (includes 2 conservatories, Floral Fantasy & Shuttle Service)
Adult S$30.00
Children & Senior Citizen S$18.00

Social Media:
Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn

Gardens by The Bay Best Feature

The Garden Rhapsody Light and Sound Show is one of the attractions that people always visit the gardens for. It’s a daily event that happens by the Supertree Grove and is performed twice every evening. The first show will be presented at 7:45 PM, and the second show performs at 8.45 PM.

The Garden Rhapsody is an arrangement by the Supertree with unique patterns and sound that make the night feel like it’s dancing. If you’ve always been a fan of synchronized lights and sound, this would be a breath-taking experience for you.

Gardens by The Bay

Image From Google Reviews

Gardens by The Bay

Image From Google Reviews

Why We Love Gardens by The Bay

All the areas of the Gardens by The Bay are lovely in their own ways and specialize in particular aspects. They all bring wonder and an amazing sense of nature to its guests. You can tell that Gardens by The Bay was well-planned and maintained by its management, giving much care to the environment through implementing such a place as this.

What’s your favourite attraction at the Garden by The Bay? Tell us why!