We’re Going on a Trip to Dolphin Island Singapore!

Dolphin Island Singapore is – of course, home to dolphins. This wonderful part of Sentosa Island gives you the opportunity to interact with bottlenose dolphins. It’s a fun time with dolphins, especially when you love them as well.

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Your guide with the dolphins will even treat you to an interactive program and mini show to showcase the talents and skills of the dolphins when interacting with people. One of the best ways to enjoy your time here is through immersive experiences up close with the dolphins.

Image From Dolphin Island Singapore

Dolphin Island Singapore Visitor Information:

The bottlenose dolphins are mammals that can be found usually in families or groups, depending on how accessible their food are. Their diets usually include eating squids and different types of fish.

During your visit to the Dolphin Island Singapore, you will be given various types of options to enjoy. You can watch their shows as they present their talents and skills. In other ways, you can get up close to them and take photos while interacting with them. The photos are of high quality and would really be an amazing treat for you and your family and friends.

The availability of the Dolphin Island Singapore would depend on the health and state of the dolphins, so some schedules on their website may change till further notice. For better results to your inquiries, you can send an email to RW Sentosa, Singapore at enquiries@rwsentosa.com.

Operating Hours
Dolphin Island Singapore:
Open 7 Days a Week 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM

What to Do at Dolphin Island Singapore

Dolphin Island Singapore

Image From Dolphin Island Singapore

Going to the Dolphin Island, you all know what you want – you want to see and mingle with the dolphins. But, knowing you only have a day or two to cherish the experience, how can you maximize your time with your mammal friends?

Here are 3 ways to enjoy this fun experience like a pro;

  1. Learn how to communicate with the dolphins. Dolphins are extremely smart creatures, and they would also adjust and try their best to communicate with you. There are programs where the guide would help you learn easier and even practice some dolphin tricks for you to try with the dolphins.
  2. You can get a crash course on the dolphins. You will have enough time to learn the basics about dolphins and how they live. The bottlenose dolphins are also from the Indo-Pacific, and they are usually smaller than the common bottlenose dolphins. You will learn more about them once you actually try the programme the management arranges.
  3. Have you tried being pulled across the water with speed? This will be your favorite part of the programs offered at the Dolphin Island Singapore. Hang on tight to the dolphins and feel how they feel as they course through the water!
Dolphin Island Singapore

Image From Dolphin Island Singapore, TripAdvisor


Dolphin Island Singapore

Image From Dolphin Island Singapore, TripAdvisor

How to Get to the Dolphin Island Singapore:

Plan your trip to the Dolphin Island Singapore here.

8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269


Dolphin Adventure
Adults S$130.00
Children S$130.00
Senior Citizen S$130.00
Dolphin Discovery
Adults S$90.00
Children S$90.00
Senior Citizen S$90.00
Dolphin Encounter
Adults S$35.00
Children S$35.00
Senior Citizen S$35.00
Dolphin Observer
Adults S$20.00
Children S$20.00
Senior Citizen S$20.00
Dolphin Trek
Adults S$150.00
Senior Citizen S$150.00