Have you ever wondered how you can be more effective in introducing your business or company to clients and customers? Have you been planning and cramming for efficient ways to deliver better production and marketing strategies?

MotionSauce is going to be your new media best friend for sure – they are an amazing Singapore animation company!

MotionSauce is a video production expert to help companies create quality presentations to prospects. They believe that there are always easier and more creative ways to introduce complexity in any brand.


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MotionSauce General Information

#09-17, Maxwell House, 20 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069113

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MotionSauce Service Hours:
Monday to Friday, 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM
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Services by MotionSauce

  • Explainer Videos
    MotionSauce described Explainer Videos as videos you can find on your homepage or the videos you usually see first about a company. Take the videos as an “about us” starter to learning more about certain companies or organizations. This type of video usually needs concise descriptions of the brand that is being endorsed – it usually comes off as a promotional video or a company’s trailer.
  • Corporate Videos
    Corporate Videos are best when you’re sitting in front of customers or clients – they show the relationship between each and every individual in the company or organization. It will be important in meetings and proposals with clients 
  • Video Animation
    There are many reasons why ‘video animation’ would be important and a vital need for marketing. Animated videos help encourage clients and customers alike to try a product or item from your company.
    There is complexity in explaining and presenting brands, services, and products to clients – MotionSauce understands this dilemma. Video animation will be a more creative and imaginative way to present to your clients through short, simple but powerful animations by MotionSauce.

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MotionSauce Best Feature

They know exactly what they are doing – and they do it efficiently, creatively and effectively. It is important for MotionSauce to deliver what they promised. If not so, more than what they promised. They believe that to create the best, you need to create and do the best job you can.

The best way to be the best is to create the best team of hard workers, achievers and the wise – that is how MotionSauce deals with bottleneck workloads and deadlines. Their clients are always impressed and grateful for the services that MotionSauce delivers. They always find ways to work things out and often exceed the expectations of their clients.

Creating content videos for complex businesses is easier if the production team is capable of understanding the project. MotionSauce knows the importance of creating the content your clients would want to hear and see – not the other way around. They will properly feature your company, brand or business in a video through animations and brilliant film angles.

Why We Love MotionSauce

They know how to hook clients through video productions – it doesn’t even matter if the brand is intricately formulated for the business. MotionSauce helps you come up with video contents, from competent videographers, filmmakers, editors and creatives, that target simplicity and precision in promoting your company.

While MotionSauce belongs to the field of animation and creativity, they do deliver the video products on time, without delays or needed revisions, and successful results. They are very professional goal-oriented when it comes to business transactions.


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Improvements for MotionSauce

This comment is more of an encouragement than a mark for correction. MotionSauce is a well-known company and they continue to increase their client base. To continue delivering the best services, it would be best that they also add more detailed services to what they can offer to their clients. 

Adding more services to their list would give clients a more defined scope of what MotionSauce can do in more specific fields of video production.

Protip for MotionSauce Clients:

To work best with MotionSauce, always know what you want. It is important that you know how to be specific with the product you want to see. While MotionSauce is a team of highly competitive, creative and hardworking people, it would be great to give an initial boost to the creation of content. This is to make sure they know how to tinker with your ideas for the video creation.

It’s always a difficult job to create a well-constructed video content. You need equipment, a planning team, man-hours, and even the perfect weather. Producing videos is much, much more than just these factors. MotionSauce is your solution – no matter how hard you think the job will be, or how complex the brand will be to create the videos you require.

If you want to learn more about MotionSauce and their expertise, you can click here for more details on their products and services.