MediaShock Productions is a media production house that was established in Singapore year 2009. Their reputation as a production house has since gone regional, raising the bar high to set standards in video content creations.

The MediaShock Production Team consists of multi-talented individuals; engineers, IT experts, content creators, filmmakers, illustrators, and producers. The team always aims to create content for clients that would change the way people present businesses, commercials, and marketing plans for their own affiliations.

MediaShock does not only work on massive projects, but they also work on photoshoots for fashion, lifestyle and events. They are basically a team of compassionate people that care about the causes behind the content they create, whatever form the requirements come in as.


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MediaShock General Information

#06-03, 37 Jln Pemimpin, Singapore 577177

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MediaShock Social Media:
Facebook / Instagram / Youtube / LinkedIn

MediaShock Service Hours:
Monday to Friday, 10.00 AM – 7.00 PM
Saturdays & Sundays, CLOSED

MediaShock specialises in the following services;

corporate video singapore

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  • Conference Stage Opening Video

These services focus on the needs to create competitive content for conferences, executive meetings or important client meetings and proposals. This is to assure the quality of the presentation that will be used for its intended purposes.

  • Pre-Sales Discovery Video

In providing effective sales presentations, it is vital to deliver videos that will fully educate on products and services from your own company. Pre-Sales Discovery Video helps you provide the information to your clients and customers what your sales team can do for them.

  • Viral Compatible Video

Content creation is not only for the conferences and the workspace, but it is also appropriate for social media. Content for Youtube and Facebook is also essential when it comes to business promotions, endorsements and advertisements.

Services from MediaShock Singapore also include Townhall Live Streams, Credibility Consolidation Videos and Tradeshow Engagement Videos. They also extend their services in the field of photography for events and special occasions should they be required.

MediaShock Best Feature

One of the best qualities of the MediaShock team is they pay very good attention to detail and very meticulous with their work. Their work always triggers conversations and discussions in a good way.

Another complementary character of the whole team Mediashock is how they do not let their rate affect the quality of the content they deliver for their clients. They have a great way of providing the best for their clients, fitting the preferences required of them.

Why We Love MediaShock

They really know the best perspective for their angle shots. They are also very creative when it comes to brainstorming better ideas for their clients, which will be very helpful for the whole production in progress. They’re professional and hard workers; you can see the passion for the art of video creations.

While the production may be hectic and complex, MediaShock keeps the atmosphere fun and light without losing the touch of professionalism and expertise. They’re a great team of artists that use their skills and talents in video productions.


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corporate video singapore

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Improvements for MediaShock

MediaShock is already great at what they do. Additionally, they always know where to improve their skills and services for clients.

They do work around the areas that need improvement, and so far, clients have never had an issue with a partnership and production with them. They’re good at improving what needs to be improved, and they keep the dedication to the art.

Protip for MediaShock Clients:

MediaShock Productions is a production house that works efficiently, expertly and meticulously. It is crucial that they do a job well done all the time. If there is one thing best to do when working with them, it is important to always be straight to the point and professional in handling the partnership with them.

They may be amazing people individually, but as a team, they are earnest about the work they do and provide for their clients.

Have you worked with MediaShock Production House? Let us know how it went for you!