When hiring video production service providers, the usual interpretation people get is the project has to be huge. Often times than not, that’s not the case. If you’re new to all these needed providers and you’re looking for people who can work with you on this level, Graphiss might just be the media company you need.

Graphiss Media is a video production company in Singapore that does not only serve the city but the whole region as well – whatever your video media needs are. They work on small and big productions, whichever you require. 

It is important to Graphiss Media that skills and talents in every aspect of video production are used to check off the list of clients’ needs. The team consists of passionate and hardworking individuals that cooperate in creating successful and outstanding content for the clients.

Graphiss Media Content Creators


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Graphiss General Information

CT Hub 2, #10-86, 114 Lavender Street, Singapore 338729

Contact Number:


Graphiss Social Media:
Facebook / Youtube

Graphiss Service Hours:
Monday to Friday, 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Saturday & Sunday

Graphiss specializes in the following services and products;

  • Corporate Videos
    Corporate videos are content tools that companies, organizations or small business owners use to promote or advertise their affiliations. These content videos aim to introduce complex information or details about brands.
  • Social Media Content Videos
    These content videos are created as a milestone to attracting more views, gaining more followers, likes and shares in order to grow the account or page of the company. The goal for these contents is to reach people on social media and increase growth in audiences.
  • Motion Graphics
    Motion Graphics is not the same as animation. Motion graphics is like wanting your graphic design to move or twist or rotate. Animation would come in a more complex procedure, and it is many things in one – motion graphics is just one tiny percentage of animation.
    Motion graphics is one of the special services by Graphiss. Get your logo creatively in motion, turn your graphic designs into moving designs and show off your brand!
  • Event and Sports Coverage Videos
    These are not easy content to capture. You will need constant upgraded equipment and gadgets to capture fast-paced content. Graphiss makes sure you don’t have to miss out on the fun because of worrying too much about missed content. They can do everything for you – the easy part of capturing the content to making you you also get the fast and difficult details of the sports or event.
  • Photography
    Being the master of photography takes more than just a degree and a few courses. The chief photographers and director of photography always work through creating and capturing amazing content for clients.
    Graphiss has professional photographers that can do coverage for events and corporate settings, including commercial photography. The photographers in the team are very thorough and precise with their expertise in the field, and this is one of the best parts of being part of Graphiss. You always find ways to grow, improve and master your art.

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Graphiss Best Feature

Graphiss Media is an amazing team of professional, creative and flexible individuals that reach goals together. Clients are always impressed with their video productions, and they always think outside of the box to come up with amazing concepts.

Their services include twists of their clients’ original requirements, adding necessary measure to creating the content. Clients regularly compliment their quality of content and finish products when it comes to videos and photography. Graphiss is always recommended should companies need professional and modern video producers on their side.


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Why We Love Graphiss

Graphiss Media always finds a way to turn a simple project into a quality no amount can pay for. Their skills and talents are definitely tested in all the productions they handle, and they remain professional and passionate under pressure. The Graphiss Media team are amazingly talented individuals, and they really do know how to use what they know in the projects required by the clients.

They work an end-to-end production process to ensure the quality of results and solutions given to clients. It is important to them that their work has to be meticulous, but also the fun and passionate products of their hard work.

Improvements for Graphis

As an exposure to even common people, it would be great for people who just discovered them to read about their work. Graphiss should encourage feedback, comments and recommendations from their clients. This way, new clients would know how much they have improved over the ages as a video production team.

Protip for Graphiss Clients:

When hiring a team to work for you on video productions, it is important to work with people you actually can be around. Some projects may seem simple and small, but it can get frustrating and exhausting. As a client, the best thing you should do is be very honest upfront about what you expect of the production. This way, the team would find amazing ways to make it a worthy experience for you and the company.

It’s not easy to be a photographer or a filmmaker or a director or a design editor. It’s also not easy to be a designer. But, there are people who think it’s not hard enough to stop them from making the lives of others easier – including in video production. It’s a different level of fulfillment when people form a team to grow together and learn together in every form of art – that’s Graphiss Media for you.

You can find them here if you want to learn more about how to reach them. Make sure you don’t miss their reels!