Gram is more just experts in creating videos animations. They are one of the best production houses in Singapore, and they aim to help clients bring the best of their ideas and inspirations to life. This does not always mean the videos have to be animations – Gram can do so much more than that.

Gram consists of professionals that want to do the best, be the best, for the best. Their main goal is not to generally be the best in the industry, but they want to make sure they are providers for the best content that will help people be more reliable and confident in the information they deliver.

Gram uses techniques and strategies that will help clients understand their needs, especially when it comes to overcoming competitors in their certain fields of profession. There are specifications that can be addressed, depending on the requirements of clients, which helps the team learn more about what their clients would need in completing the production tasks at hand.

If you want to create substantial and informative videos for customers and your own clients, you’re in good hands with Gram. They help their clients gain more clients and customers themselves through explainer and corporate videos and animations.


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Gram General Information

71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Pollinate, #04-01, Gram Pte. Ltd., Singapore 139951

Contact Number:



Gram Service Hours:
Monday to Friday, 10.00 AM – 7.00 PM
Saturdays & Sundays, CLOSED

The services by Gram come in a range. They vary in the following;

  • 3D Animations – It is a more realistic feature when presenting video animations for clients to customers when needed. It is also a better way to get the attention of customers and clients as well.
  • Motion Graphics – Motion Graphics helps clients feature brands in a more artistic and creative way. Catching the attention of prospective clients and customers when using motion graphics is very important, especially for businesses and companies in the field of media and creative and content art.
  • Corporate Content Creations – These services are important for clients in the corporate world. One of the best things that this could bring clients is how they can rely on the quality of production Gram can do for them. It will help clients be more confident and proud of their presentations during meetings, proposals or conferences.

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Their services also include providing outstanding animated explainer videos, and Website & SEO services.

You can learn more about their areas of expertise by viewing Gram’s portfolio here.

Gram Best Feature

While Gram is also a production house, one of their services is providing 3D animation videos for their clients. While it is important for a production house to be great in video productions, another edge to being the best is also mastering 3D animations and videos. Gram can use this as an edge to provide more options and better outputs in terms of video content productions.

Why We Love Gram

They really have a way of knowing what clients want – and, they catch the moments right in the act. They have a very synchronized skill set that shows off how well they can do with their equipment and how good they are with illustrations and animations. They really are thorough hard workers, and they have an eye for the best angles and areas to shoot when in video production.


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Improvements for Gram

It would be a great idea for Gram to have social media and give their clients and potential partners a more chill way of interacting with them. Social media is also a good platform to grow an audience and let others know that Gram exists on social media, too.

Protip for Gram Clients:

Always be as creative, as imaginative as you can when you are planning to work with Gram. They are flexible and dedicated professionals – a team that can help you get the content you need. Just let your ideas flow!

If you are one of Gram’s clients, share your experiences with us to help us improve the content! We’d be happy to hear from you.