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In some instances, internal conflicts within an organization, no matter how small a team it is, requires intervention from a third party. This also applies to the first stages of employee hiring, where verification of the information given is at the forefront of any concern. Checkbox is a company based in Singapore that does all sorts of background checks to tackle such matters. 

Rest assured that Checkbox uses publicly available information to reach the conclusions of their background checks. Even with such seemingly obvious details available, Checkbox is able to procure information on a candidate that cannot be read or seen in a resume, CV, or references cited. Checkbox recognizes the need for such services in light of the increasing number of potential employees. Listed below are the list of their services you can avail of: 

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Checkbox: Services and Coverage

  • Bankruptcy Search is especially helpful for the screening of candidates who are applying for a position within the finance department or a managerial position. Candidates, or an employee, who are permitted to access funds or any sensitive information are recommended to have this type of background check. Criminal History is recommended to protect the reputation and overall safety of the company. This background check allows you to ensure that the candidates applying for your company are not hiding the necessary information from you. Moreover, Checkbox makes use of public information that is available in national databases and other sources to conduct this research.
  • Company Director is a background check that ensures that every candidate doesn’t have any conflicts of interest, and senior positions that they had or continue to hold, as well as any shareholding positions. 
  • Educational Qualifications verifies if the educational attainment that the candidate says they have is true through contacting relevant institutions. This includes the candidate’s name, graduation date, and course programs attended. This is one of the most basic and important background checks as some candidates resort to lying about this information to fulfil job requirements. 
  • Employment History is when Checkbox does interviews with previous employers to verify the performance of the candidate in their supposed job position. 
  • Name Sanction Search restricts and excludes those individuals, entities, and organizations that are sanctioned. Checkbox does so through checking several watch lists for terrorists, money laundering, and narcotics traffickers. 
  • Personal References are used to provide employers several necessary insights regarding the candidate and the quality of their performance. These background checks approach the right, former managers, and colleagues to verify if the candidate is suitable for the position. 
  • Photo and Name Identity is a background check where Checkbox cross-checks the photo given by the candidate to validate its authenticity and if it matches the candidate’s information. 
  • Professional Qualifications are often given by candidates to serve as additional qualifications for the position. Checkbox verifies such information by its licensing and certification exam level of the issuing country or state, date of issue, and expiry date. 
  • Social Media Screening helps reveal the real character of a candidate through their public social media profiles. This is especially helpful to check if the candidate fits the company or team’s culture or overall ethics.  

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Best Feature of Checkbox

When you’re starting as a company in a local setting or the scope of your company interests lie in the local setting as well, Checkbox is the background checks company for you. Their expertise in local knowledge renders them one of the best background checks service providers in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. 

Why We Love Checkbox

Many other background checks companies offering these services have a global reach. However, this can prove to be an issue for those organizations with a scope that only reaches locally, especially in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. Fortunately, there are background checks companies such as Checkbox. They provide the properly focused background checks that your company might be needing.