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Today, having a great product or service is not enough to jump-start any business or organization. At the end of the day, significant progress and development come down to the people or team members working with you. Consequently, it has become a difficult feat for many companies to engage, develop, motivate, and even retain talents. Avvanz is an integrated solution to these problems.

Avvanz offers a three-step process that starts from screening up to the development of employees or talents.

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Falsification of information has been a recurring problem for many companies when screening candidates and even current ones that are already part of the team. According to some studies, more than 30% of these requirements have discrepancies. That number might not seem too high. However, many organizations wouldn’t want to risk employing such a candidate for everyone’s overall safety. 

Avvanz provides two complementing solutions to this problem:

  • Background Checks takes the information provided by each candidate and verifies if such details are true. This can range from the verification of their identity, educational attainment, criminal records, and the like. 
  • Employee Selections Tools that include Professional Interviewing and Predictive Assessments are also offered by Avvanz. To ensure that the candidates would best suit the position they’re applying for, Avvanz makes use of a comprehensive professional interview, as well as industry-specific, accountability-specific, and role-specific assessments. Background checks ensure the safety of the team. More than that, Avvanz’s Employee Selection Tools takes it to the next level.


After selecting the best candidate from the pool of carefully selected individuals, onboarding is the next step. Employee retention has proven to be healthier in companies with a more robust onboarding process. Likewise, studies have also shown that employees not onboarded properly tend to leave the company within three to six months. This calls for an onboarding strategy that aims to integrate the new joiners into the company. This is beyond induction and orientation related activities. 

Avvanz aligns the company vision, strategy, values, business model, brand, and the like and integrates the new hires within it. The key to this step’s success is not just mere orientation. Rather, it all comes down to integration. To make the new employee transition into the team as smoothly as possible and to be a functioning member are the two goals of the onboarding process and the keys to a successful organization.


Avvanz implements a continuous learning and development program in order to maintain engagement, motivation, skills, and competencies for the enhancement of the organization and its workforce. One of the most challenging aspects for any business and HR leaders is ensuring that the whole team is at least consistent, if not improving, in terms of their performance and competencies. To help achieve this mission, Avvanz has crafted a customized, contextualized, and highly engaging training and development strategy. 

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Avvanz can address your critical Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, and Talent Development needs. Doing so eliminates the need to work with different partners for your diverse needs. Avvanz provides a modular but integrated suite of solutions that shows their flexibility to be able to customize solutions for your organization. Moreover, Avvanz has an extremely strong region-specific ground knowledge that will fasten the proposition of appropriate solutions. 

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Avvanz closely aligns with your vision, your goals, needs, and requirements and be your trusted partner. To achieve such a mission, Avvanz makes it a point to be technology-oriented as opposed to the traditional ways of employee screening. They utilize what this era has in order to fulfil their promise of quality and safety for their clients. In line with the meaning of the term Avvanz, “advance,” they strive to ensure your advancement in strengthening your talent as an enormous Asset leading to sustainable growth.