Amidst these challenging times, it comes as no surprise that most people would take extra precautions in ensuring they are safe and healthy. While we face these threats of the virus, we can all still find fun things to do at home this weekend in Singapore.

Whether it’s with the family or with your better half, you will definitely find these activities to help keep productivity high in the air. While it is terrific to keep the flow of busyness running, maybe staying at home is a better way to work and actually spending quality time doing more.

At these things to do at home this weekend in Singapore, this is to promote social distancing and practising consideration of the people around you. If you are one of the people who were given the advice of working at home, you have to realize that this privilege was given with the intention of keeping all workers safe at home – without having to face the hazards of commuting or having to interact with other people.

The activities below will be a massive help in keeping the family entertained during this pandemic. It is also an excellent opportunity for parents to keep their children busy throughout their stay at home.

5 Things To Do At Home This Weekend In Singapore

Practice safety measures.

things to do at home this weekend

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It is crucial for parents to also educate their children on the importance of cleanliness and sanitation during the virus outbreak. While it can be so much easier for parents to just tell their children what to do, it would be fantastic if the children actually understand the importance of what they are doing.

Educate the children on washing and sanitizing their hands – especially after touching public surfaces. Teach them the habit of cleaning the places they hang out or put their hands and heads on. Remind them why it is important to avoid touching their faces and washing thoroughly when going to the toilet and finishing with their business – tissue paper is not enough.

Put time to good use by studying with your children.

things to do at home this weekend

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Studying can be a bore, or it can actually be the cause of headaches – what more if you are doing this alone? Spend some time with your children when they are studying, it is also a great way for you to learn about their education yourself. Studying with your children also gives them more motivation to study and learn more, and it is an insight into their possible weaknesses in their academics.

Engage in new learning activities for children.

things to do at home this weekend

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It is easy to stay home most of the time, especially if your children are used to exploring the amazing outdoors. Keep everything fun but actually, try new activities indoors – there are games and activities that could actually help you and your children enjoy the indoors without stepping outside.

Explore new board games, get the books your children love or get them a hobby to start learning like the guitar or the piano. If your child shows great interest in certain shows or films that could benefit them greatly, it is something to encourage and keep their attention indoors.

Try out new recipes.

things to do at home this weekend

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There is no better way to enjoy time at home than a nice home-cooked meal. While it is fancy and astonishing to dine out, nothing compares to the meals cooked by the chef in the family.

While everyone is staying home more to practice safety measures, trying out new recipes to add to the table of favourites is not such a bad idea. It could be everyone’s chance to find their new favourite dish.

It’s time to live a healthier lifestyle.

things to do at home this weekend

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While it is safe to stay home, it is still a must that you remain fit and healthy. The only way to do that is a good workout, and better choices in the food you consume – this should apply to the entire family.

Choosing the right food is important, and maintaining the stamina and fitness of the body is essential to being healthy inside and out. If the virus infects people with a weak immune system, then working out and eating really healthy could just give you a chance at being resistant to the virus. Besides, it’s a good way of introducing healthy lifestyles to the family.

The entire reason why this post is not encouraging outdoor activities is because of the state of the world we are living in. This is to ensure that staying indoors, staying clean and sanitized is recommended until the virus outbreak is more controlled and no longer risks lives.

The best thing you can do during this pandemic is;

  • Wash your hands with germicidal soap and sanitize.
  • Do not rely on tissue alone when using the toilet – wash properly and sanitize.
  • Avoid touching public surfaces and practice social distancing. You can do whatever you like after the virus outbreak dies down.
  • Clean and sanitize your home from time to time. Always make sure you maintain the cleanliness and sanitation to avoid any issues.
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth, and eyes at all costs – wash your hands first or sanitize if you really much.

I hope these simple reminders help everyone in these trying times.

What are the things to do at home this weekend are you looking forward to? What do you and your family like doing during the weekends? Share your stories with us!