Even when you’re indoors, you can still use the time and resources you have at home to be productive!

10 Useful Skills You Can Learn at Home

In light of recent and unfortunate events, we’ve all been stuck inside the comforts of our homes, and more likely than not, everyone is looking for something to do. Take this opportunity to learn new skills and be productive even at home! Try your hand at these useful skills you can definitely make use of when this lockdown ends!

1. Learn another language

skills you can learn at home

Image From Vladislav Klapin

Learning a new language actually proves to have a lot more benefits than one might expect. This ranges from understanding a foreign TV show you’re into to advancing your career opportunities. The common issue with taking up this skill is the lack of time and resources actually to get started on it. Given that, now you have all the time in the world inside your house! You can take up free online classes or download free apps to get the basics of a new language you’re interested in.

2. Be the next best masterchef

skills you can learn at home

Image From Max Delsid

Getting tired of eating canned goods and frying easy dishes? You can try looking up recipes online and do them in your own space! Like most skills, cooking takes up a lot of time to get used to. For most of us, we don’t have the luxury to practice cooking because of other responsibilities such as work, school, or probably other hobbies you prioritize more.

With the help of the internet and your own ingredients and cooking tools in your kitchen, you can now actually cook your own food the way you want it. This is an especially beneficial life skill as it gives you the freedom to choose your healthy ingredients, cooking style, and budget your food as well. What’s not to like?

3. Get into a workout routine

skills you can learn at home

Image From Carl Barcelo

When you’re indoors, you can’t really do much aside from walking from one room to another. But that shouldn’t stop you from breaking out a sweat! There are actually a lot of workout routines you can do even outside the gym – you won’t really need gym equipment, just enough space for you to move in.

If you want something intense to get your blood flowing, you can try high-intensity workouts. If not, you can do yoga and pilates to stretch out your muscles and exercise your joints. Whatever workout routine you choose, you’re sure to get results by the end of the lockdown. Ultimately, all of this comes down to discipline and consistency. Find your inspiration and something that will motivate you to keep going!

4. Declutter your home

skills you can learn at home

Image From Volha Flaxeco

If your reason for not deep cleaning your home is the lack of time, then you have no excuse now! By this time, you would have been at home for a longer time as compared to when you had to go outside for work or school. You might be starting to notice things that you didn’t before, such as objects that shouldn’t be where they are. This attained focus on your home, together with the added free time you have, will give you the opportunity to clean everything up and organize all your stuff.

Doing so will definitely benefit you in the future. Having a more organized environment boosts more productivity and proves to be better for your general health, according to many studies. Besides, you won’t be doing a lot at home anyway, so why not clean it?

5. Be an avid reader

skills you can learn at home

Image From Fabiola Penalba

Let’s face it. Reading takes up a lot of time, especially if you’re a slow reader who doesn’t read a lot. However, you’ll find that there are many books and content out there that will definitely be worth your time. You’ll get to learn more about things that interest you and even find new stuff that will!

These books don’t have to be textbooks you have at school. They can range from novels, poetry, comic books, articles online, and a whole bunch of literary content. Not only will this broaden your knowledge on various topics, but reading will also improve your reading comprehension, which is helpful for school, work, and basically everything else!

6. Sewing, stitching, patching

skills you can learn at home

Image From Fleur

This is a life skill that not a lot of people actually have. This isn’t just for the ones who are into clothes or fashion. Sewing, stitching, and patching are skills that are beneficial to everyone. When you have a hole in any of your clothes, such as pants and shorts, you can quickly fix it on your own instead of paying for others to do it. This skill will also allow you to design many of your own home decorations, such as tablecloths and curtains. If you are into fashion, you can customize your clothes to fit your preferences in terms of size and design. Get your creative juices flowing with this skill!

7. Start meditating

skills you can learn at home

Image From JD Mason

Proper meditation requires a peaceful environment, especially in terms of sound and space. Moreover, although meditation could only take as little as ten minutes, we usually are not in the right setting to actually do it. Luckily, now that you have the time indoors, you can alter your surroundings to fit your meditation best – decluttering your home and preparing the room, you will choose to be in.

Several studies have shown that meditation offers a variety of benefits, especially for the long term. Some science-based benefits include decreased stress, promotion of emotional health, enhancement of self-awareness, and improved attention span, to name just a few!

8. Try your hand at drawing

skills you can learn at home

Image From KOBU Agency

One of the most common misconceptions of drawing, and visual artists in general, is that they’re born with the skill they have. However, although this might be applicable to some, drawing is something that you practice and cultivate with time and effort.

Even though you don’t have expensive drawing materials with you, you can do this even with just a pencil and paper. Can’t think of anything to draw? Try your hand at nature, faces, animals, or architecture! You can’t go wrong with any of these as long as you keep doing it!

9. Improve your writing skills

skills you can learn at home

Image From Kaitlyn Baker

Whether it’s for school or work, writing poses a range of benefits for everyone. Things such as reaction papers, academic writing, formal emails, and anything that basically requires words could be improved by consistent practice.

You can first do this by reading a lot of content, even on the internet. By doing this, you’ll be more familiar with how the syntax works and becomes effective. You don’t have to write entire novels to improve your writing. Even just by practicing your emails, rewriting papers, and reading more, you can take your writing skills to the next level!

10. Master the Microsoft Programs

skills you can learn at home

Image From Tadas Sar

Nearly every single one of us who works and studies has the Microsoft programs. However, as often as we use it, it can still get a bit confusing to maneuver in. When you take the time to really explore each one, you’ll find things that you’ve never done before, such as shortcuts and features that will prove to be handy in the future.

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