Western Union Robber Caught: He Robbed $4K, Dropped $3K & Spent $1K on 4D

Okay, a robbery is a serious issue, especially so in Singapore when it is so rare.

It’s no joking matter but one can’t help but laugh when we realized what happened to this robber.

A few days back, Singaporeans were shocked to learn that a Western Union has been robbed. Unlike the Standard Chartered robbery, this robber was armed with a knife.

He escaped on that day, and people called him the storm-trooper robber because all they had was this image.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

Today, it’s reported that the robber is caught.


Before anything, let’s give credit to the police officers who worked around the clock to nail the suspect, a 56-year-old Singaporean. He was arrested last night (3 August 2017) along Pasir Ris Dr 6.

So, here are the facts that would make you laugh or cry.

Firstly, he robbed a totality of $4,000. Then, like a scene from a comedy, he dropped almost $3,000 outside the robbed outlet on a carpark.

Next, when he was arrested, all the $1,000 he was left with were gone.

Yeah, $1,000 gone in two days. Guess where he spent the money on?



The irony of this is that if convicted, he would face a jail term of two to ten years, and up to 12 strokes of cane.

If anything, here are two takeaways: don’t rob, and don’t gamble. You’ll eventually end up with nothing.

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Featured Image: channelnewsasia.com / straitstimes.com


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