Ultimate Guide to Shopping with vPost Coz Local Online Shopping Isn’t Enough

Everyone knows the smart way to shop is online. The smarter way to shop, however, is to get the same items at cheaper prices. vPost helps you save on the extravagant shipping costs that come with overseas purchases and allows you to buy from stores that may not ship to Singapore. You can purchase from brands like American Eagle Outfitters, Barnes and Noble, Cult Beauty, Zozotown, Taobao and many other stores all the way from USA, Europe, Japan, and China.

Delivering a parcel

How does vPost work?

In a nutshell, upon signing up with vPost, you receive FREE overseas addresses (their warehouses) where your purchased items will be shipped to. This allows you to buy from brands that do not offer international shipping!

After which, you may shop to your heart’s content! You can purchase from several merchants and ship them all at once without worrying about different shipping rates, conditions and arrival times!

Depending on the amount you purchase, vPost can be a cheaper alternative to the shipping options some sites offer. They have standard shipping base charges for each region and calculates the total cost based on volumetric or actual weight (whichever is heavier).


vPost shipping rates for Europe, Japan, ChinaImage credit: vpost.com.sg Image credit: vpost.com.sg

vPost ensures that all transactions are safe and reliable – payment is only made when all your items have arrived at the warehouse.

From then on, just wait patiently for your items to arrive!

The Smarter Way to Save – vPost Hacks and Tips

Tip 1: Use Bundling Discounts

Want to buy from several merchants but only pay a single base charge? Exclusive only to Singapore, you can save on shipping by waiting for all your orders to arrive at the warehouse before making your payment. That way, vPost ships your items together, you receive them together, and pay only a single base charge!

Tip 2: Buy more!

say what?Credit: picgifs.com

Yes, while this may sound counterintuitive to the main point of this article, it really can help increase your savings. Some sites reward users for buying more – free local shipping, discount codes and even free gifts!

Furthermore, buying more makes the base charge you pay more worthwhile. For example, paying $13.40 base charge for $100 worth of items makes more economic sense than paying $13.40 base charge for an item that only costs $10.


Tip 3: Look out for Sales and Discount codes!

Been eyeing an item for a while now? Most online sites offer discount codes for first-time purchases, so make sure you subscribe to their mailing lists!

excited ducksCredit: picgifs.com

You will then be kept in the loop for any upcoming sales or promotions – buy the item you’ve been eyeing then!

Similarly, vPost also offers 15% discount for first-time users!

Tip 4: Economic Shipping

vPost has just recently launched a new mode of shipping – Economic Shipping.

All else similar, Economic Shipping differs from Standard shipping as it computes the cost by actual weight, not volumetric OR actual weight. Products like footwear, apparel, bags, or anything that is lighter than they are large, would allow you to save more money than if you used standard shipping.


*Economic Shipping is currently only available for packages from the US.

Tip 5: Cashback

If you’ve done all of the above, there’s one more step to truly become a smart shopper – Cashback. Years ago, it would have been a dream to get a portion of the money you spent back. Now, it’s a shame if you don’t get Cashback.

For vPostShopBack offers 0.5% cashback and keeps shoppers up to date on discount codes, promotions, and coupons.

excited childrenCredit: picgifs.com

To give you some ideas for your shopping journey (and get cashback at the same time!), here are some of our favourite stores:

Print Strappy Asymmetrical Dress

Print Strappy Asymmetrical dressImage Credit: bananarepublic.gap.comPrice: SGD 204.70

Lasercut Crepe Off-Shoulder Top

Lasercut Crepe Off-Shoulder Top

Price: SGD 80.20

Disney Yoda T-Shirt -Adult

Yoda t shirt

Price: SGD 34.50

Buana Stock T shirt

Price: SGD 55

With a few tips and tricks, online shopping is made that much easier, and savings can be maximised by so much more!

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All images are taken from vpost.com.sg unless stated otherwise.

Featured Image: Rawpixel.com


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Shopback Singapore (Content Partner)

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Ultimate Guide to Shopping with vPost Coz Local Online Shopping Isn’t Enough