The Ultimate Guide to the Cheapest Data Plans in S’pore

The mobile data plan race is on-going ever since Circles.Life came up with a great disruptor plan in the telco industry.

Offering 20GB for $20 on top of the basic plan, Circles.Life has caught the attention of many heavy mobile data users.

The remaining 3 telcos have since revised or changed some of their mobile data plan to make it more attractive to users. However, due to the sheer amount of information, users are finding it hard to determine who is actually the cheapest! So, we decided to help you out! You can thank us later!

We will compare the plans of the 4 telcos based on their most comparable plans because Circles.Life do not have comprehensive plans like the other big three. We will also omit any family plan in the comparison as Circles.Life does not have such plans either. Our priority is to compare how each company holds up to a complete value for money in terms of data, SMS, and talk time.


What we see in the table above shows that the big three have fairly similar plans with Singtel losing out in terms of the mobile data they offer (do note that this is the basic plan without any add-on). At the first glance, it would seem that dropping Singtel is the best decision you will ever make in the life of a smartphone user since it is the most expensive of the lot.

With that aside, let’s look at the remaining three telcos, with Circles.Life as a disruptor. At first glance, it would seem that Circles.Life is a great telco to go with if you are a heavy mobile user. Even without their add-on of $20 for 20GB, 6GB mobile data is a preferred choice to anyone who loves to stream their movies online while on their way to work and home.

However, if you look into the other aspects of their offers, then Circles.Life pales in comparison. There is only 100 minutes of free talk time, regardless whether it is incoming or outgoing. There is also no free SMS.

Therefore, a regular person who makes calls, uses SMS regularly and uses mobile data reasonably might not be inclined to go with Circles.Life since their plan is not as comprehensive as the other two. In comparison, M1 offers the best deal with 200-minutes free talk time, 1000 SMS/MMS and 3GB of mobile data.


It is obvious that if you are a heavy data user with hardly any needs for other functions of the smartphone, Circles.Life is the perfect telco for you. With 6GB of data with its base plan and the option to add 20GB more with just $20, it is perfect for heavy users. It is also attractive in the sense that it has no binding contract.


If you are a well-rounded user of the smartphone, it will not be the smartest thing to choose Circles.Life since you are restricted on talk time and SMS. You would be surprised to know that people still overshoot their talk time and SMS, because not everyone is using WhatsApp to communicate!

While you can add on $2/month for unlimited incoming calls, you are still restricted by the 100 minutes outgoing talk time, not to mention the fact that you need to pay for every single SMS you send. In addition, you will be wasting your 6GB data if you are not consuming that much data!

In this case, M1 will be the best telco to go with if you are looking at a well-rounded usage of your smartphone, utilising the talk time, SMS and data.

Then again, we’re just looking at the numbers without taking any add-ons, reliability and whatnot into consideration, so don’t cast this guide in stone.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Cheapest Data Plans in S’pore