Tampines Library is Going to Reopen & It’s Making Libraries Great Again

Think you know everything about libraries? Think again.

When the Tampines Regional Library opens its doors to the public on 5 August 2017, it’s going to be an all-new experience.

That’s because the library, aside from having a brand new look and new features, will span five floors with committed areas for people of all ages.

Image: ChannelNewsAsia

Interested? Let’s move onto the details!

Firstly, there will be way larger spaces available for voracious readers to munch on, and with more than 400,000 books in all four languages, you’re definitely spoilt for choice!


A local story fan? Worry not, because the library will also introduce more than 12,000 books by local authors! Whoo!

In comparison to the old facility, the new place will have a 76 percent increase in floor area, as well as a 98 percent increase in seating capacity!

Secondly, the library will have a culinary studio. Yes, you saw that right. In conjunction with the People’s Association Culinary Studio, National Library Board will hold cooking classes and showcase a digital display of selected books and cooking videos to support learning. This is just perfect for those looking to learn about cooking, or are just interested in it in general! (Note that a small fee will be paid for the classes)

Thirdly, we have the different customized levels.

The Early Literacy floor is catered to the parents and children. Books are stacked with their covers facing outwards, so that children can see the cover first. Pretty neat, huh? There’s also an indoor playground inside the compound, but that will only open in October.


Image: Rachelle Lee

Meanwhile, we have the #spaceout that’s dedicated to teens. Aside from providing them a platform to commence discussions, it also has screens installed to head start different conversations.

And let’s not forget the PIXEL Labs, that was so popular at Jurong Regional Library!

Tampines would have its own too. With tools, equipment and hardware provided, users have a lot to choose from. For example, they can use the green screen, camera and editing software to create an innovative media clip!

Image: youtube/Anthony Lim

There would also be workshops for virtual reality, crafting sessions and technological debates.

The Adult Fiction’s level, on the other hand, will be run fully by volunteers. A Volunteer’s Corner will host activities that aim to boost the love for reading.


Image: Rachelle Lee

Fourth, Tampines Library will feature a gallery that speaks exclusively about Tampines’ history! There will be sharing sessions, as well as programmes for visitors to learn more about the town.

Temasek Polytechnic students will not only research the content for the gallery, but also help to serve as gallery guides, alongside Tampines Hub volunteers.

A Memory wall will also be implemented, where goers can contribute any memories about the town.

Last but not least, there are going to be smart work centers just for you guys who are sick and tired of renting a desk in CDB! With secure Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, video-conferencing facilities and photocopiers, you’re able to complete your office work in the comfort of a library should you have the need.

Image: The Straits Times

For the ones that are easily lost, worry not, because there will be an interactive directory on every single floor. You can also download directions via a QR code ( machine-readable quick-response), and find your way with your phone, because #technology

I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited for the launch of the new library. A pity it’s located at Tampines though.

CCK Library, I think it’s time to up your game too #justsaying

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Tampines Library is Going to Reopen & It’s Making Libraries Great Again