Student Earns $9K a Month Breeding Millions of Cockroaches

I’m sure a lot of you would have been disgusted by the mere topic itself. There are already tons of those dreaded creatures walking the Earth, and somebody out there is breeding more?

What is this world coming to?

And by producing more of those foul, horrible insects that scare the living daylights out of the toughest men, the culprit earns $9k a month? That’s way more than the average salary-man working his ass off every single day!

Tong is a Uni student who makes up to SGD$9,000 per month by breeding cockroaches.

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Now before you spam us with emails asking for the guy’s details so that you can beat him up, I just want to say that the guy himself was scared of cockroaches at the start too.


His business venture started roughly a year and a half ago when he bought cockroaches to feed his pet. Buying the creatures proved to be too troublesome for him, however, and he decided to breed his own instead.

Like why not? He can save money and effort!

The cockroaches reproduced faster than he expected, however, and within six months he found himself saddled with 30,000 to 40,000 cockroaches. Fortunately for the guy, there was a buyer that was actually willing to buy them off him (what…the…cockroach?).

The buyer, Tse, happened to be an expert in cockroach farming. He got to know Tong more through the transaction, and decided to partner up with him to open up a cockroach farm.

Today, there are over 2.7 million cockroaches of different species in the farm. What?


Image: twitter.com/japanesewtfs

Tong apparently single-handedly feeds them and constructed their home too. According to him the cockroaches are quite ‘clean’ and there’s nothing much to fear.

Double what?

Image: chinapress.com

Of course, if there’s a perk, there’s bound to be a bad point. For Tong, it was his own friends’ judgement. In fact, many got turned off once they knew what he did to earn money. Some even downright refused to shake his hands!

The newly-converted cockroach lover Tong never gave up on telling his friends that his cockroaches were different from the ‘standard’ ones though. He even invited them for a tour of his farm.

Well guess I only have one thing to say.


Image: fasttrack.hk

Moral of the story? Find something disgusting and breed it.

If you’re lucky like this guy you will be able to rake in a neat sum of money every month, and alienate all your close friends at the same time.

Double whammy!

Anyone considering breeding lizards?

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Student Earns $9K a Month Breeding Millions of Cockroaches