Seems Like Gong Cha is Coming Back Sooner Than We Expected

In late May 2017, we were told that Gong Cha would be gone, and be rebranded as LiHo.

And less than two weeks later, it turned out that Gong Cha wasn’t gone for good: they’re going to make a comeback in the “next few months”.

After all, they made $30 million per year. How can anyone just let go of such a brand, right?

Since June, a Facebook Page, Gong Cha Singapore, has been set up. Just so you know, the old Facebook Page, which has well over 73K Likes, has been renamed to LiHO Singapore.

Now, how do we know that it’s the official page? Unfortunately, the only hint is the word “official” on their about page.


Unless someone is trying to troll us, it should be official. And it has got over 7K Likes in a month, so it most probably is legit.

In the new Facebook Page, they made a simple post on 26 June 2017.

And they’ve been quiet since then…until recently.


Four days ago, they posted this and garnered over 1.7K Shares.

And then yesterday, this.

The frequency of posts has suddenly increased so drastically, it could only mean one thing: they’ll be back very, very soon. After all, you don’t promote a brand that isn’t in the market yet.


How soon?

Given that National Day is coming, and their overuse of the Singapore flag, I believe you won’t need to wait long to feed your Gong Cha craving soon.

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* All images from Facebook (Gong Cha Singapore)


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Seems Like Gong Cha is Coming Back Sooner Than We Expected