Places to Watch NDP Fireworks Even If You’ve No NDP Tickets

You know when it’s that time of the year again when HDB blocks are bathed in a sea of red and white as households hang out the National flag. Each year, the nation comes together in the spirit of revelry to celebrate our nation’s birthday with an extravagant party.

This year, this party will be happening at The Float @ Marina Bay! The annual NDP tickets are notoriously hard to snatch, but if you didn’t manage to get tickets, there’s still a way you can get in on the action. There’s one segment everyone across the island will be able to enjoy live – fireworks!

Singapore National Day Fireworks from outside Marina Bay SandsImage credit: travelwithlittlegirl.com

Here are some places you can camp at to watch the highlight of every NDP this year!

Psst…. You might have to head down a bit earlier to get a good spot. We heard that people start to set up their picnic mats from as early as 2pm!

For easy navigation on the day itself, we’ve done up a downloadable Google Map of all the landmarks that you can go to view the NDP fireworks (colour-coded according to which side you’d like to view the fireworks from)


Left of The Float (black):

Esplanade Bridge

Esplanade BridgeImage credit: Nicolas Lannuzel | flickr.com

Located along Esplanade Drive, this is a popular spot for fireworks-watching because of its unobstructed view of the floating platform.

Jubilee Bridge

Jubilee BridgeImage credit: aotaro | flickr.com

This bridge is just next to Esplanade Bridge, so you can head here if Esplanade Bridge has already been fully staked out.

Esplanade Waterfront Promenade & Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Esplanade Theatres by the BayImage credit: pixabay.com

Watching the fireworks from this empty stretch along the Marina Bay waterfront is almost as good as watching it from The Float. Lean back, look up, and enjoy the majestic display of pyrotechnics.

Singapore National Day Fireworks at Esplanade Outdoor TheatreImage credit: travelwithlittlegirl.com

Esplanade Roof Terrace

You’ll get a great view of the beautiful skyline of Central Singapore on top of a great view of the fireworks display.


Singapore National Day Fireworks at Esplanade Roof TerraceImage credit: travelwithlittlegirl.com

Marina Square Gallerie Food Court

Marina Square Gallerie Food CourtImage credit: Doug A. | yelp.com.sg

Did you know that this food court has a glass wall looking out to the Marina Bay area? Your view may be a bit more obstructed, but you’ll get to chill out with air-conditioning and dinner right in front of you as you watch the fireworks.

Merlion Park

Merlion ParkImage credit: pixabay.com

What better way to enjoy the spectacle of the National Day Parade than by sharing the experience with our national mascot? Look upon the fireworks with an unobstructed view of the city’s beautiful skyline.

Asian Civilisation Museum

Asian Civilisation MuseumImage credit: tekgator | flickr.com

This place is a little further away from the action, but this also means you won’t have to squeeze nearly as much. The lawn in front of the building also gives a good view of the fireworks.

Across from The Float (Red):

The Promontory

The Promontory at Marina BayImage credits: @tropical_perspective_singapore | Instagram

This open space across the Marina Reservoir from The Float offers a prime spot for viewing the NDP celebratory display. Bring your picnic mat and some snacks to enjoy a night under the stars and fireworks.

The Lawn @ Marina Bay

Marina Bay The LawnImage credit: ura.gov.sg

This big open space is perfect for picnics. Spend the evening relaxing in the outdoors with your loved ones before enjoying the light show together at night!


Right of The Float (yellow):

Helix Bridge

Helix BridgeImage credit: aotaro | flickr.com

Camp on this iconic bridge for an up-close experience of the fireworks. This is the closest you can get to the fireworks without being on the floating platform. It’ll be crowded, but it’ll be worth it!

Benjamin Sheares Bridge

Benjamin Sheares BridgeImage credit: travelwithlittlegirl.com Singapore National Fireworks at Benjamin Sheares BridgeImage credit: travelwithlittlegirl.com

Just behind the Helix Bridge, this position will give you a great, clear view of the fireworks as well.

Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza

This platform protruding slightly onto the Marina Reservoir will give you a great worm’s eye view of the fireworks.

Marina Bay Sands Event PlazaImage credit: travelwithlittlegirl.com Singapore National Day Fireworks at Marina Bay Sands Event PlazaImage credit: travelwithlittlegirl.com

Bay East Garden @ Gardens by the Bay

bay east garden gardens by the bayImage credit: staticflickr.com

This path runs parallel to Singapore’s city skyline, offering a panoramic view of Marina Bay Sands, the ArtScience Museum and of course, The Float.

Marina Barrage Rooftop

Marina BarrageImage credit: pixabay.com

This is the ultimate picnic spot. It’s slightly further away from the floating platform, but you’ll get a completely unobstructed view of the fireworks display.

And there you have it! Remember to head over early, pack your water and snacks, a sunhat and shades, and you’re ready to have a smashing good National Day picnic under the stars and fireworks display. If you’re not one for crowds, perhaps check out these alternative National Day activities that you can do instead, away from people and noise.

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Featured Image: travelwithlittlegirl.com


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Places to Watch NDP Fireworks Even If You’ve No NDP Tickets