M’sian Put a CCTV in Homestay Bathroom Then Claimed It’s ‘Just a Silly Mistake’

Chances are that you’ve rented an AirBnB apartment when you went overseas. You probably encountered this jovial old guy whom seems so happy to collect your money.

Well guess what, not every AirBnB apartment owner is nice and jolly.

According to the New Straits Times, an Ipoh homestay owner (presumably an AirBnB owner) was apprehended when he privately recorded his guests in the shower.

This incident happened three years ago, on 27 July 2014.

Image: door.wursttex.com

The accused, 45-year-old Lim Lai Heng, pleaded guilty to the charge of placing a CCTV camera in the apartment’s shower to confidentially film women bathing.


He’s the owner of Ipoh Garden Homestay, which is located at No.31, Jalan Pekeliling Tasek, Canning Garden, and was charged a whopping three times for insulting the modesty of eight people – three men and five women – aged from 17 to 53.

He was subsequently fined RM 4,000 for the first two charges, and lost RM 2,000 for the third one.

Lim apparently didn’t plead guilty straight after the incident too. He took 2 years and ten months to admit his mistake!

One victim was so affected that she cried openly when the recording was shown in court during the trial. In response, DPP Nurul Azriah Zaid said that Lim’s actions not only struck fear into the hearts of potential homestay customers, but also cast the entire industry in a shady light. She professes that he shouldn’t just be let off with a simple fine.

Lim’s lawyer, however, argues that his client made a ‘silly mistake’ and is a first-time offender.


Huh? Mistake? Do people mistakenly film others showering?

In any case, it’s always better to be safe then sorry: you might want to check out this article on ways to check whether there’s a hidden camera in your hotel.

Because someone would mistakenly film you, you know.

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Daily SG: 8 Aug 2017

M’sian Put a CCTV in Homestay Bathroom Then Claimed It’s ‘Just a Silly Mistake’