Hi A.S.S. Editors,

I’d like to share a personal experience, I am what one might call a 1st generation Eurasian and as with anyone I am proud of my mixed heritage which happens to be a combination of Chinese, Scottish and French.

I come from a middle class upbringing, attended a neighborhood school, attended Poly and am now pursuing my degree at a local university.

I’ve visited the CDAC & SINDA Community Houses by volunteering time to help out and I am impressed by the ambiance and efforts of the center management. That said allow me with all due respect to all parties share my disappointment with the Eurasian Association.

1. How is it that a certain restaurant touting itself as a purveyor of Eurasian cuisine does not have any Eurasian staff with the exception of the owner who is not around much?

2. This off course raises the question as to what is an obvious majority of foreign staff with no visible Singaporeans or to be precise Eurasian Singaporeans or Eurasians of Singaporean descent if we want to explore
semantics. MOM are you reading this?

3. Correct and forgive me for my ignorance of youth but isn’t a Self Help group supposed to showcase its ethnicity by being open to its own community?


4. As a supposed purveyor advocating the Eurasian cuisine as a whole, how it is not made affordable to all (if you doubt me, check-out the menu) because for a restaurant within a community house, its prices are above and beyond some better known establishments.

5. What’s interesting is that alcohol is served on the premises as well, is that a culture where Eurasians are known by. Isn’t it supposed to be a Community House, not a social club or pub by night?

6. How is it there is a monopoly in force by this restaurant that any or all events done , the food MUST be catered through them, are they the only representative of Eurasian cuisine and this is new as well to me, what is Cake Corkage ? Yes, apparently if you want to bring your own cake, you have to pay something in the region of $20.

7. It seems this restaurant is out to fleece unsuspecting diners by claiming to showcase Eurasian cuisine but inadvertently or otherwise its merely using the premises like any other F & B establishment and giving people the wrong impression of who Eurasians truly are. It’s a mockery and worst of all, its owner does not seem to care.

8. On the provision of anonymity, staff apart from the owner’s Filipino wife, her mother and another younger lady identified as the sister-in-law said the reason this restaurant has operated with impunity and total disregard is because the owner’s brother was part of the committee tasked with executive management of the Community House. Is this how we once again want society to view us as a race that embrace nepotism when we should be open to all regardless of family ties?

9. How it is there is no transparent tender process that is open to all other talented Eurasians with a more focused social enterprise concept?

I was asked very politely to join the EA Youth group and contribute my time and efforts to the lesser privileged members of our community.

I would and so would others if we were confident that it’s based on the virtues set in the 1st place by the generations of 1st Generation Eurasians who set the foundations to what the community should be today.

I hope these series of observations, reach the right individuals from the Minister representing the Eurasian community in Parliament to the Manpower Ministry and hoping against hope, the management of the Eurasian Association itself.

Alwin M
A.S.S. Contributor

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