Gigantic New Mall in Yishun Opening in End-2017 With More Shops Than VivoCity

Ah, Yishun.

This month, on 18 July 2017, it’s reported that a lorry flipped over along Yishun Avenue 1 with no injuries. On 19 July 2017, a man was arrested for allegedly molesting a female commuter when the train was along Yishun.

Guess we’re so used to these kind of news in Yishun that we’ve forgotten about a new hawker centre that is due to open in September 2017.

Or that Yishun has been reinventing itself (no, not that wall, God damn it!) with a project called Northpoint City, which was apparently announced four years ago.

You know, when Yishun was mere…Yishun.


Its developer, Frasers Centrepoint Singapore, announced yesterday that the new mall will be open at the end this year instead of the projected 2018 deadline.

The mall will be 1.33 million sqft, which is just a little smaller than VivoCity, which holds the record at 1.5 million sqft.

But you know, VivoCity is all about spaces, spaces and more spaces (lots of seats with enough space for a few cars to do a three-point-turn inside the mall), so unsurprisingly, our new Yishun mall has more shops: with an estimated 400 shops and F&B outlets.

In comparison, VivoCity has about 340 stores.


But Northpoint City isn’t just a mall. Take a look.

Image: Frasers Centrepoint Singapore

It’s a mall plus bus interchange plus community centre plus a condominium.

The current Northpoint we’re so familiar with will become the North Wing of Northpoint City.

As for the cinema beside Northpoint, it’ll remain there. You Arnold’s fans must be relieved, eh? And for you movie buffs, you should be happy, too: after all, if you can’t find any seats in nearby cinemas, you can bet that this would be the place to go #truestory

What’s going to open later this year is the South Wing, which comprises shops like Harvey Norman, FairPrice, Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice and Tenderfresh.


The CC will only be opened in 2018, and so would the public library (you know, the one at the top of Northpoint that all Yishunites used to go after school?).

And for you foodies out there, there’s a section called The Makan Town in the South Wing with speciality food.

Guess it’s apt to say this: the new mall has made Yishun great again. Please don’t build the wall!

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Featured Image: Frasers Centrepoint Singapore


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Gigantic New Mall in Yishun Opening in End-2017 With More Shops Than VivoCity