Everything Wrong with Amazon Prime Now S’pore in 60 Sec

Amazon Prime Now is the largest service disruptor in Singapore as of now.

Launched on 27 July with only its app, it boasts a 2-hour delivery service to all shoppers and also open the app to all shoppers without a membership sign up.

Singaporeans are thrilled to have such a service since the prices on Amazon are value for money. Amazon has been well-known for its vast arrays of offerings online, including not only groceries, but also other household items.

The e-commerce giant also offers electronic goods such as headphones which are going at an almost 50% discount when compared to Lazada, the number one competitor for Amazon Prime Now for goods other than groceries.

Its highly-anticipated launch in Singapore has caused a mad rush in orders on the app’s launch date, and have since headed for a major disaster…for Amazon Prime Now.


The delivery service went down on the second day after its launch, prompting disappointment in many shoppers who have yet to place their orders.

Various news websites such as Channel NewsAsia and Bloomberg have reported on the failure of the delivery services.

An Amazon spokesperson who responded to Channel News Asia’s enquiry said on Thursday, “We are thrilled to learn customers in Singapore love ultra-fast delivery as much as we do. Due to great customer response, delivery is currently unavailable. We encourage customers to check back soon.”

The delivery service was down all night on Thursday and service is not yet resumed as of Saturday afternoon at 3.20 p.m. The app is still showing a message stating that “delivery service is currently sold out. Check back soon”.


It is definitely not a good sign for the e-commerce giant to have such a big fail right after a hype-up launch.

Amazon Prime Now was expected to shake up Singapore’s online retail scene with its big promise on its 2-hour delivery service, taking on a challenge with local retail delivery services such as RedMart and HonestBee.

This flop on its service seems to signal for a less-than-ideal take-over for the local retail delivery scene since RedMart and HonestBee already have a good track record for their delivery services.

It seems that Amazon Prime is also hiring drivers at $25/hr + $5 bonus/hr if the drivers have good attendance during their shift hours.

According to a post on Mothership.sg, it was a legit post from Amazon Prime Now as confirmed by Facebook, but it seems that the Facebook post has now been removed.


Perhaps the e-commerce giant has got enough drivers now, or they are too ashamed to be found out?

No matter what the reasons are behind this flop for Amazon Prime Now, we sincerely hope that they will be able to resolve the issues in the next few days so that service can resume as soon as possible.

We also hope that shoppers who successfully made orders on the app have received their products without any other issues!

After all, it’s Amazon, the company that swears by its customer service.

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Everything Wrong with Amazon Prime Now S’pore in 60 Sec