Do You Know That There Are Now 18 FamilyMart Outlets in M’sia & 0 FamilyMart Outlet in S’pore?

If you’re unfamiliar with FamilyMart, it’s actually a convenience store franchise chain. (Think something like 7-11)

We actually wrote about it a long time ago, back when the first outlet in Malaysia hasn’t even opened yet!

Image: youtube/pumpuifalang

And now, fast forward a year later, there are now 18 FamilyMart outlets in Malaysia.

In November 2016, FamilyMart established its first outlet at Kuala Lumpur, and it just blew up. Malaysians absolutely dug that fact that it’s the first convenience store that offered soft serve ice cream and fresh snacks!

Image: spot.ph Image: lipstiq.com

By August 2017, there were 17 stores in Malaysia, stretching across areas like Sunway Velocity, MyTown, NU Sentral, Amcorp Mall and Mid Valley Megamall.


By 2025, Malaysia is predicted to have 1,000 stores located nationwide!

During that period (if, erm, the world still exists), the “konbini” concept would have been fully brought to Malaysia! (For those who don’t know, konbini stands for Japanese convenience store)

Well guess what? There are still 0 FamilyMart outlet in Singapore.

Image: ReplyCandy

We do have a multitude of 7-11 stores here, but soft serve ice-cream and fresh snacks sounds like a bomb!

And with a considerable percentage of Singapore following Japanese culture (mangas, animes, cosplay), I think we have a market for FamilyMart to do well here!


A check with everyone in the office shows that everyone has been to one before, and they all loved it (whether it’s just novelty or not is another thing).

Here’s the thing: we have the same culture as Malaysia, speak the same language and even have the same food (although it’s debatable on whose nasi lemak is better). Opening an outlet in Malaysia could mean opening one in Singapore too, right? Right?

What do you think? Should we start a petition for FamilyMart to open here?

Either that, or just wait until 2024 when our MRT is connected to JB.

But then again, 2024 leh: maybe even Walmart is here in Singapore liao, no?


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Do You Know That There Are Now 18 FamilyMart Outlets in M’sia & 0 FamilyMart Outlet in S’pore?