Christopher Lee & Fann Wong Acting As Couple in a New Drama. Here Are 10 Facts You Should Know

Yes, it’s official. Christopher Lee and Fann Wong are working together in a BRAND NEW drama. The celebrity couple have not collaborated for more than 8 years.

Here’s 10 facts about them to get you up to speed, because it’s time to make TV great again (no?)!

They Will Be Acting in Not One, but Two Shows
While the duo will play lovers (ha, need to act one meh?) in Doppelganger, a drama by Channel 8, they are also starring in the thriller Yi Nian, which is expected to be released later this year.

How Long Since Their Last Drama?
It’s been more than a decade since the two were in a drama series together. 14 years to be exact!

What Took Them So Long?
Fann Wong and Christopher Lee made a pact to not act as an on-screen couple after they got hitched in 2009. According to Lee now, though, the two of them are interested to see how life as parents and a married couple has changed them as actors.


They Have a Kid. Yay!
In case you’ve not been following the news about our pioneer celebrity couple, here’s something new to you: Both actors are proud parents to their son, Zed, who’s three years old.

Image: Young Parents

Fann Wong Teases Christopher Lee About His Role
You didn’t expect that now, did you? But Fann has apparently been making fun of Lee for having to have many, MANY affairs on-screen in the new drama flick. She even hands in ideas on how the intimate scenes could be shot to the crew! Now that is one cool wife.

Lee Is a Doting Parent and Husband, Too
Christopher shares about how he told Fann to wait for Zed to be a bit older so that their son could be more independent. Fann is readjusting to not having Zed around most of the time, and Christopher has been doting enough with words of encouragement to her while they’re on set. Awww….

Future Projects In Line
As far as future opportunities go, Christopher does have some project discussions happening in Taiwan and China. He doesn’t seem inclined to take on any more shows this year after the drama completes its shooting in October. As for Fann, she enjoys shooting on the island as she gets to be close to her son. She has no future projects in the pipeline to date, and if she does take anything on, it would be dependent on the script. Zed remains as her top priority.

What Roles Are They Playing?
Christopher’s role is of a character who’s troubled, and gets a second chance in life when he takes over the place of, well, his doppelganger. Fann plays his partner in the movie, and has to endure his character’s frivolous affairs.


What Was The Last Drama They Were In?
That’s an easy question. Fann and Christopher starred in Always On My Mind back in 2003.

The Most Compatible Couple Stamp
The two of them were dubbed the couple with the best compatibility on Let’s Go, Love back in 2015. The reality show pitted celebrity couples together.

I can’t wait to see how they look like on-screen again. Are you guys waiting too? Time to bring out the keropok and soy bean milk and sit in anticipation!

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Christopher Lee & Fann Wong Acting As Couple in a New Drama. Here Are 10 Facts You Should Know