5 Other Weird Nasi Lemak Creations Other Than Nasi Lemak Burger

Aah, the joy of nasi lemak. Its coconut milk-flavoured rice, spicy yet drool-worthy sambal, cucumber slices, and let’s not forget the potato patty, crunchy ikan bilis and the final component to make it a local Happy meal, a prized fried egg.

Damn, I need a plate of nasi lemak now.

We’ve all learnt that the Nasi Lemak Burger in McDonald’s is no longer on the menu. But where else can you get your fix of a twist in the dish?

Here’s a couple of places that have elevated Nasi Lemak. Be warned, some of these places need a passport to visit, but who’s really complaining?

Singapore Nasi Lemak Cookie

Image: The Cookie Museum

Yup, you read that right. The Cookie Museum offers you a cookie that’s got spices, peanuts, ikan bilis and eggs in it. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, try out the Singapore Laksa cookie. Hmm… I really, really wanna know what these two taste like!


Stores are available at Marina Square Shopping Mall, Takashimaya Shopping Centre and Raffles City Shopping Center.

Nasi Lemak Tea

Image: Ette Tea

Wah, another out-of-the-box creation by a local company. Ette Tea’s No. 829, Nasi Lemak has a mix of houjicha and genmaicha tea leaves with dried chilli, dried pandan, coconut flakes as well as some added flavouring. 5 tea sachets of 7.5grams retail at S$8.

ETTE Tea Shop & Atelier
333 Kreta Ayer Road, #03-25 Singapore 080333

Nasi Lemak Pizza

Image: Eat Drink KL

There WAS a joint in Malaysia that serves mouth-watering Nasi Lemak pizza. Imagine a thin-crust pizza topped with, well, every other ingredient that makes a nasi lemak. Sambal and eggs and coconut rice are DA BOMB, aren’t they not?

Sadly, Brulee Brasserie is no longer in business. Let’s all take a moment in silence for this thing of beauty that is no more.


Nasi Lemak Cake

Image: Tiana Kitchen, Facebook

Tiana Kitchen (a Facebook page) serves nasi lemak in the form of a cake. Simply a genius idea. I mean, why didn’t I think of that! The cake is essentially coconut rice that’s moulded into shape, with lip-smacking sambal on top, a circle of roasted peanuts and the golden brown goodness of anchovies. The cucumbers line the sides. Heaven!

Nasi Lemak Sushi            

Image: Voneats

Yet another creation that deserves a high-5. The rice is arranged just like a sushi rectangle, and has a thin slice of cucumber atop it. Right above the cucumber slice? Yep, glorious ikan bilis and a dollop of sambal for that unforgettable bite!

If you want to give this a try, head over to Ruyi & Lyn at Bangsar Shopping Center in KL, Malaysia.

Ruyi & Lyn
Bangsar Shopping Center, 285 Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 KL, Malaysia

I never knew that there was more to nasi lemak than just a meal on a plate (and recently, a really good McD burger). So thank you McDonald’s, for opening our eyes to a whole new dimension of nasi lemak!


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5 Other Weird Nasi Lemak Creations Other Than Nasi Lemak Burger